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Servers are experiencing degraded performance

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A guild member was asking us today what the message Servers are experiencing degraded performance means and whether it’s temporary. I searched the support site and the forums, and found references to various server issues in the past, but there isn’t any specific mention of how to know what the current issue is and how long it may last. Can someone please clarify? I told them that I’ve been able to play generally without issues whenever I see this message and that it’s always been temporary.

Usualy this thing happens if new troops are released. Especialy new Mythics and new Factions - people are massively burning keys/shard to get new troops and that itself generates huge communication between clients and servers and causes some lags.

It often happens on Fridays (as both new mythics and factions are presented on Fridays) and usualy is gone next day or in worst case scenario: after weekend.

That’s just my personal view on this matter. There might be other things going on the servers which I don’t know, which are afecting performance. But corelation between lags and new content released is to often to just be a coincidence…



This can mean there’s game server performance issues on our end (however we have no server issues reported by any of our game servers for the past 4 days at the time of writing.)

If you want to be sure we have a server status page here which will show if our servers are running, degraded or down: Status – Gems of War

If our status page is all green, it means the problem isn’t on the game servers but somewhere else in the connection between your device and the servers.

If your home internet is working fine for everything except Gems of War, then it will be an issue somewhere in the connection between us. These issues are usually fixed quite quickly by whichever party has ownership of the problem.


@Sytro and @Kafka ,

Thanks very much - appreciate the insight into what’s happening.

@Kafka ,

I’ll let our member know it was probably something on their end or their connection to your servers. If there is a problem with the game servers (i.e. the status page isn’t all green), does the status page tell us what the issue is, or where would we find out?

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can’t beat its someone else’s problem cept when the little sign flashes server issues which is weekly now.

looking foward to the next palaooza event when the servers stop you playing and when you finally get a palooza you can’t use your pallozza which can only be be used when the servers are crawling/ not working properly during the event.

‘we are amused’

Hmm, that is interesting that you have no record of server degradation in the past 4 days. On Xbox, the weekend global chat had a running conversation about the server lag. This discussion was with players from many different global locations. I might suggest investigating the logging mechanics as they may be misreporting.


Unless it’s IP2, then they point the finger and make excuses and blame other people.

I tried 3 times this weekend to do the faction event and each time I logged on I got the in game message that the servers were experiencing problems.

Let me guess, that is my ISP informing me right?

The status page will only give information such as if the game server status is green, degraded or down.

I’ll ask the team about the lag, it may be that our logging isn’t set very sensitively for degraded performance.

@Tabu were you playing on Xbox as well or which platform?


Thanks for clarifying. What should we do when the status is degraded? Is it OK to keep playing or should we wait until it’s green again?

If it’s degraded you can keep playing if you like (although I know lag is annoying!). Most times it shouldn’t cause you to lose anything, if it lags out or has a never ending loading screen at the end of a battle, you can wait until it resolves to get your rewards.

If you have any concerns about the lag affecting your rewards though I would advise against playing Delves or Guild War battles for example where there’s limited battles.

Opening chests while there’s lag is completely safe.


Hey @Kafka the lag makes it very hard to grind for the crowns. Can you please increase it by 100% to compensate for the lag in the meantime?

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What we are seeing often :slight_smile: I just checked your status page that shows Green lights all over and yet this was taken just a minute ago.