Server down... Not only for ps4


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I can’t play… Servers down
I have spent 2000 gems to play faction event and I can’t play… I need to reach lvl 500 but I can’t connect me… Your servers ar down all platforms…

Who give me return gems that I spent?
U can check how many gems I spent

Let me here something please…
More than 1 person have this problem…

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Switch Servers are online.

olla apparement certains joueurs vont demander le remboursement des gemmes mise en jeu si le probleme persiste
j’ai aussi laché 2000 gemmes minimum et la je suis bloque au niveau 450

Problem connecting to server error on Xbox One… Received the message multiple times in the last 15 minutes.

been unable to connect via steam for the last few hours

Much of the internet is having problems. It has nothing to do with GoW itself.

Thousand of people cannot connect to gems servers…

I have spent 2000 gems too… And I am at level 350

I hope they solve problem, or return me all the gems

Thousands of people cannot connect to ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET. GoW is not special.


All platforms of gow are down…
My internet connection work…
I have play cod, paladins online yet…

So, the problem is on gow’s servers


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I have answer to u that my ps4 is online with cod and others…
I write with phone connected in internet…
So, I don’t know why do u write that inetnet doesn’t work… Sorry, really not understood… :sweat_smile:

Amazon’s services are broken.

Lots of the internet uses Amazon’s services.

You can’t connect to anything that uses Amazon’s services.

GoW uses Amazon’s services. You can’t connect to GoW. The problem has nothing to do with GoW. The problem is that Amazon’s services are broken.


Gems of war on my PS4 has been down too for about 4-5hrs I’m sure there not gonna reimburse us for the tributes we are not getting lmao!

Hmm… I play on the chromebook and have google play that controls GoW and cannot load the game. Those who play on the pc play through Steam. Those who play on mobile play through Google Play Store. Those on the xbox play through xbox live. Those who play on the playstation go through Sony.

All of them are not working. It is not the servers of GoW, it is the connection from our homes to the servers that are not working. This is world wide and there are over 40 different companies that are having troubles.


Look… I am not the only one that can’t play on ps4 only how…

Amazon? I have write to mariane, and I send her a Screenshot where u can see that here in Italy Amazon works…

If u want I can. Send u many ss in Facebook wjere people can’t play gow…
My guild mates too

Millions of people cannot connect to hundreds of services across the entire internet. The GoW devs cannot fix the internet.

I don’t know how else to explain this to you. Wait patiently for the internet to work again.


Ok but give an answer on this…

Why I can play NOW with my PS4 on cod servers and paladin servers, but not on gow servers? :wink:

No idea, but I miss my GOW…