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Separate Treasures from Treasure Troops

Please allow us to keep our Treasure Troops once we acquire them. Using the treasures to boost our hoards should not delete troops from our collections!!!


I agree. They either should have never made the treasure into troops, or it should be separate, like you’re saying. There’s no point in collecting, leveling and traiting a troop you’ll lose in 5 minutes, anyway.


The devs could’ve just create them as some form of currency to be included/displayed somewhere, but maybe there are reasons for this design choice we can’t understand RIGHT NOW…

One of the possible reasons for such thing, making treasures count as troops, could be future plans to add these in more events related to The Vault. We can acquire cards in the Vault, so maybe these would be introduced in the rewards as well or introduced in a similar event i guess.

Another reason could be: They consider we already have too many currencies, and making these as troops takes significantly less work since they don’t need create a new tab to register and display such things¹. If this is the case i’m not sure if they would be willing to change it…

¹ That is, if they plan to have more “objects” as cards/troops in the future.

But then we won’t get the same level of entertainment from the first screenshot of a mythic, fully leveled and traited Coin Purse…


Another over-complicated feature. Every player not so much awared believe that upgrading treasure troops will increase the given XP… Of course, it sounds normal. But no: we have troops that we can level up but it’s useless…
And honestly, how a Calice can fight versus a Dragon or a God?

I agree with the OP’s request, but for now, I will take satisfaction from seeing traits on unowned troops confirming that I used to own them once.


And yes, I just disenchanted all copy of Giant Toad to see if it work the same way for normal troops. Also, screwed those toads! I don’t want to see my troops in Delve turn into them ever again!!

I don’t really care but I do think this request makes sense?

I mean on the one hand I can’t see myself ever really using these, and my prediction is at some point I’ll always have a surplus of unspent treasures.

Then again maybe that’s the point. Maybe some mystery mechanic in like, 5 years will make you really wish you had ascended your treasures, and you’ll have to make a choice? Unlikely, I bet.

However, from poking at writing some gowdb-like tools, I can say it would be complex to keep track of “how many troops you have” and “how many treasures you have” while they are the same card. Not impossible, just not “a quick fix” level of complexity. (Some dork is going to respond to this with, “No way, it’s as easy as…” and stop. I already know three implementations, I’m just pointing out it’s not “a simple data fix”.)

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Some would argue the whole point of this game is to “catch them all”. Well for me it’s certainly a big part of it. And now I have my unowned list filled up with this rubbish. IMO it’s the #1 most ridiculous perplexing design choice the devs have ever made. Even in the preview stream they said “Don’t ascend the treasures, just don’t do it” Why even have the option? You just know heaps of people are going to not realizing they’re wasting them.

Why stop here? May as well have some kind of ingot troop and a pet food troop, hell why not a troop for every resource we need to spend? Give me a break.


My uninformed guess is that there is another reason these are troops. You’re right that it would have been easy to add six new currencies to the game and let Chaos Portals award them. So, assuming competence on the part of the devs, there must be a reason they went to the extra effort of designing the treasures as troops.

There isn’t. In another thread a dev responded to me they thought people might like it.

“It’s not a bug, this is working as intended, the team thought there would be a lot of players who want to collect Treasures as Troops (like how you can collect Valravens).”

I absolutely agree with you.

Honestly, I am one of those people. I like getting new troops. But I also like keeping them too. The way they are currently doing it makes no bloody sense.

The OP is absolutely right. This needs addressed.

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I guess I’m just not seeing it. Every troop is a potential Soul for disenchanting. This is no different. You choose to keep them or spend them.