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Sentinel Upgrades bugged (display issue causing wrong purchases)

Platform, device version and operating system
Steam, Windows 7 64x

Screenshot or image
(You can tell the second screenshot comes after the first because of my gold count being the same in both of them - the amount to upgrade to rank 2 had been substracted as the upgrade was going through)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I upgrade my Sentinels for the week to level 2. Once the upgrading goes through, the menu doesn’t change - all ranks remain selectable until the upgrade menu is being closed and opened again (at which the real rank is displayed on the left side then and only the ranks above it remain selectable, as it should be).
Three weeks ago, I had the issue of suddenly accidentally upgrading to rank 3 because I fumbled with my mouse dumbly. Fully my fault, but I am pretty certain that this happened while the wrong menu was displayed (so, after upgrading to rank 2, it said “rank 1” regardless because I hadn’t closed the menu yet, I accidentally clicked on what said “5k Gold” and it substracted gems because it was a rank 3 upgrade).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it for the first time in the previous Guild War. Not sure how long it has been going on.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Open your sentinel upgrade window (any sentinel works)
  2. Upgrade one (not sure if level matters, I upgrade to rank 2)
  3. Wait until the loading wheel disappears
  4. You will then see that you are seemingly put back to selecting a rank between 1-5, with rank 1 being displayed. You can freely select between all of them with the arrows.
  5. (To be tested again) If you try to upgrade to a rank which you had already upgraded to, the upgrade will go through, but to the appropriate rank and with the appropriate cost. (Example: You had already upgraded to 2, click on the wrongly displayed upgrade for rank 1, 2+1=3, you upgrade to 3 and pay gems as the rank 3 cost).
  6. If you close the menu and then open it again, it will display correctly.

Addition: Not sure if it can occur a second time, as in, you open the upgrade window again, it has been corrected, you upgrade another rank and it then maybe bugs out again. Would require testing, but I’m done with my upgrades for the week.

This was all poorly phrased. Did anyone understand this?


I know exactly what you mean. This happened to myself and quite a few (that i know of, could be almost all) guild mates last time. Just happened for me again now. I upgraded to 5, once finished it led straight to letting me start at 1 again, then i back out and it showed correct. I didn’t try again, but when i told the guys last time my gm said it was visual and did not charge him twice. Quite confusing regardless. Xbox here so it appears to be a cross platform issue.


Yeah, I’m really not sure if I just had weird clicking issues or whatever happened to accidentally made me upgrade to rank 3 in the last GW. And while I remembered to take screenshots this time, I forgot to try that out and instead just posted here quickly in hopes someone else would see this before upgrading and test it for me.

Hearing that this is not just my bad computer (it lagged really, really badly today after reset) but an actual bug is bothersome, though, since it might confuse people. At least if I’m just stupid and it doesn’t charge you if you click again, that’s some relief.

yes its completely bugged.

if you’re missing something you’re supposed to contact support - that used to also apply to overspending so give it a whirl i suggest.

Hey Sheba

We had a visual issue with this the other week which we’ve got a fix in for the next update. However, we were unable to reproduce the issue so there’s a chance the fix might not work (we’ve merely identified some of the potential causes and fixed them). I’ve double checked the logs of your game for you and it appears that despite the display issue everything was correctly upgraded :slight_smile:

Did you receive any error or popup whilst upgrading?

How can you not reproduce the issue? It happens 100% of the time on Xbox. Upgrade to lv 5 (all in one go) then it displays you can still upgrade that sentinal. It’s supposed to automatically move to the next sentinal but doesn’t.


So you fixed the issue by adding an error message? How about fixing it to how it was before?

Yeah, I updated things correctly this time since I knew it would happen and was careful and did things slowly to make the report as well.
There was no error or popup, just the loading wheel while the game was upgrading the sentinels and then the upgrade screen returned from my selected upgrade to the Level 1 one again (basically what the screenshots show; I upgraded to level 2 by selecting that, pushed the upgrade button, once the upgrade was through it showed the second screenshot (Level 1 as the first selectable option).

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I said we’ve included a fix for the next update, not that it was fixed currently! Additionally, the error message is an interim workaround which we adjusted server-side which prevents the game from deducting your resources if the UI isn’t updating correctly. To ‘fix’ the issue entirely we require a client-update (so, you need to wait for 3.4).

@Sheba Great, thanks for the clarification.

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OK, ok. Totally my bad :neutral_face:. Anyway, it’s not my first language - sometimes I may sound (look?) offensive without actually intending to be. And sometimes I may misread what you write. It’s one of reasons I wanted my regular title to be written in a foreign language, I thought it may indicate as much.