[VISUAL BUG PASSED ON] GW Attack Sentinel and Glory

Platform, device version and operating system:
XBox One

Screenshot or image:

684 Glory and 10,562 Gems before the upgrade.

Upgrade complete. 85 Gems have correctly been deducted, but Glory still shows 684.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I upgraded all Sentinels to V, but the Glory was not deducted from the total. I thought I had 600 left, and went to spend it on the Glory troop. The game kicked me back to loading screen because I had insufficient funds.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s been at least a year since I noticed it, but I’m lazy, and hadn’t ever reported it.

Steps to make it happen again
Go to GW Sentinels and spend Glory (Gems optional). Gems will get subtracted. Glory will not. (Other Sentinels deduct Gold, Gems, and Souls as expected).

So, visual bug? :slight_smile:

Counter isn’t upgrading properly :slight_smile:
@Saltypatra :wave:

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It’s a Visual Bug in that the game does deduct the Glory. It just doesn’t show it on the global screen until after the game is reset.

So, if after upgrading the sentinels, collecting mail, and fighting a few battles, it is possible one might forget how much Glory one has.

Normally, if I were to attempt to make a purchase with insufficient Glory, I would get a prompt:

“Cannot Purchase”
You don’t have enough Glory to make that purchase
Click Okay Button (as seen below)

The Glitch that happened yesterday, and I just duplicated on OsteoidApollo64 account, said
Would you like to purchase 2 for 600 glory?

Click confirm

Followed by:

Which would then Boot from game regardless which button is clicked.

So it is Visual+, if that is a thing.