Seals in legendary tasks

Of course there is. Not in the more classical sense, where we talk about physical objects (like oil, bread or computers) with limited quantity, but still there is one. The devs sell in-game items for real money, making them worth something. If they let players get too much of those resources for free they won’t make any sales. It doesn’t matter it’s “just pixels” (or maybe “bits” is more appropriate) and the quantities are infinite from dev’s point of view.


Except I don’t have mine. I started playing about the time the free rain from Heaven started drying up. Try again.

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There’s plenty of things to do that don’t involve seals. Sounds like you want the game to conform to your way of playing. That’s ironic.

Why not just give a random mythic with every legendary task? It’s just pixels, right?

Can we not get personal please. TIA

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Thanks for the personal attack over pixels. Stay classy.

Then you are working against your own interests.

I want the game to conform to the game.

You kill stuff, you get stuff. Period. What I get does not concern you and I don’t care what you get or have. We do not interact in this game at all. Ever.

Perhaps so, but the health of the game is dependent on long-term retention of players. That requires a careful balance of rewards, and the use of both guaranteed rewards (questline epics, classes and class weapons) and RNG-amortized rewards. You may not like the pace of the reward structure, but that doesn’t mean that what others get or don’t get has no bearing upon you. The devs need to keep the lights on, after all.


And since every team I see is full EK , 4 Horsemen, Mab and TDS broken garbage, including people that are lowervlevel than I am, I expect to damn well have all of that stuff too.

Those are often players who have been in the game for months/years. Game is meant to take time, nothing is done through some weeks or a few months, stay in there, patience is your greatest friend. :wink:

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As I said, people that are lower level then I.

So your excuse doesn’t hold up if they’ve been playing that long and haven’t passed lvl 200 but still get over powered crap before someone that’s actually playing (and paying into) the game.

Zero excuses made…
This game will always be a RNG related game were some get troops before others, and
that will never change, it have always been like that.
Patience is still your greatest friend.



The game lays it all right out there immediately after the tutorial. Open chest, roll dice, take chances. Why do people continue to be surprised by the random nature of random numbers – or how this game chooses to explore them – after any length of time in the game?


Ive been in this game for 1 and a half year, and im a member of one of top guilds. I have only 3 different base mythic troops. Do you see me complain? You do. Because im sad that i cant get them. But im not entitled to anything.
I know that one of our members got their firsr queen mab on around level 990, at the samw time i had 4 copies of mythic mab and dont know how many disenchanted. Since we are in the same guild we open same amount of chests.
Also that member has more different mythics then me. Everyone in here have more mythics then me xD
(Aby im looking at you, you better drop in event chest tomorrow!)


Level 810 here, no. 13 ps4 guild. One base mythic, abynissia from a guild chest. I’ve played since day one, patience is indeed the name of the game. Perhaps it’s not for many people, but I kind of enjoy the random nature of the game and making things hard to get. Sure I’m pissed I didn’t get gard’s but I’ll have to wait. The stones will keep.

I’m interested in the longevity of the game. Giving out more free stuff may satisfy you or me in the short-term but isn’t good for the health of the game long-term.

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I see this all day every day. I’m level 1200 and many 200 level players have cards that I don’t. It is what it is. The game is growing and thriving, so obviously they’re doing something right, even if I don’t personally like it.

The new, adjusted economy of this game of resource bottlenecking has taken me for an unexpected loop of frustration. I’m VIP5 on XBOne and had saved up 2550 gems last week on Friday. Then I decided to try for Gard’s Avatar: no luck there. But not only I didn’t get Gard, I no longer had enough resources to try to get Queen Ysabelle in her exclusive week. So now I’m missing not one but two useful troops. And even worse than that: Come Monday, I will not have enough resources to try for this week’s Kraken legendary, either.

So the change in Chest rarity deliverables, combined with a stringent restriction in the type of resources that we can generate, has resulted in an austerity economy even for VIP users. How much have I paid out for this game already? I’m kind of afraid to calculate it. But I’m not really happy about what happened this past week, and what’s about to happen this upcoming week in terms of lack of troop acquisition. It’s particularly grating because all 3 of these ones are highly adaptable troops good for a number of interesting team builds. :grimacing:

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So. Fact. If I get stuff, I’m going to keep playing. If I don’t get stuff, then no… they’re not getting another single dime. The game is ok enough to keep drawing on their server resources and costing them money by ensuring I put in a ticket for every issue and demanding a fix.

But pay more in? Not until i start getting all the cheese-burgers.