Seals in legendary tasks

Originaly it was planed that seals will be one of the rewards in legendary tasks.
But this still hasnt happen, so im wondering are there plans for doing so?
@Sirrian @Nimhain

Also a question to everyone, what number of seals would you like to be awarded?


I would like to earn seals ALL WEEK…so there is no limit.

By end of day Wednesday I am already maxed out. Basically 1/2 my week of seals is no seals. (this includes my daily login and such)

I know others who are maxed by Monday/Tuesday.


Yeah, its a shame they are limited. We could keep earning them, but they could keep a contribution of 1500 seals per player.
Once you hit 1500 you stop contributing to the guild, but can keep earning them through playing for yourself.

I still think like Gold - and Trophies there should be no limit to what someone can contribute to a guild.

If someone wants to knock themselves out and give 1mil in gold for a week – More power to them, same goes for 1k trophies.

I see no reason other than a control limitation by dev to limit tasks/seals.

You guys do realise 20 seals equals 1 gem key, right?

With infinite seals, you would literally be gaining 5 gems per pvp battle.

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This is a game, it’s an endless supply of …stuff…

I’ve gotten to the point where my PVP work is normally background task to fulfill my guild quotas now. My primary tasks are farming souls and specific arcane traitstones.

I need arcane traitstones that are NOT from Whitehelm (or minor for that matter which is what I get most out of PVP)

Yes, I realize it gem key level and that’s why I want them. I want to be able to get Arcane and Runic stones faster.

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Its worth that much only to guilds that reach 40k seals. So for about 3000 player tops, but i think actual number is closer to 1500 player. I dont think more then 50 guilds reach 40k seals, if even that number of guilds reach it.

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It would be nice to have some stats…both on how many guilds make 40k and the breakouts for the other levels, including how many players make 1500 by mid week

I have no doubts that at least 10k players reach 1500 seals a week. But since they are not concentrated in a small number of guild, but rather spread, number of guild that hit 40k isnt high.

You get 5-10 glory per pvp match. And you don’t see the problem with giving 5 gems on top of that?
It literally doubles your reward if the guild does not reach 40k. But quite a few guilds introduce seal reqs on mythic week, to hit 40k once a month.

Also, like Don mentioned a lot of players reach 1500 seals. If the seals were not capped, I am sure a lot more players would mobilize towards 40k guilds.

Technically it’s only half that or slightly less (you get 5 seals, one key is 20 seals, but only 10 gems, 9 if you buy them in bulk). Otherwise I agree - it would be very nice, but it’s too much for the devs to ever implement.

If gems was so easily obtainable I do leave the game. I do call that a broken game.

PVP battles give 9 seals :wink:

The only reason it is balanced is that there is a limit. Similar to how buying 10 gems for 5k gold is balanced, because you can only do it once per week (First blue task)


I think they should definitely follow through with seals in legendary tasks, as it’s likely not to equal to much. I don’t however see them increasing seal gain any other way. It would likely hurt guild seal sales.

I wish though. I’d like to earn seals way past the limit now.


It’s the guardians. If you could earn unlimited seals per week, the sharers/bots would have had all the guardians to Mythic before anybody else.

The limit keeps the playing field somewhat level.

Should the game be adjusted to fit in bot users and account sharers?

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No, it should be adjusted to squeeze them out.

The Devs have worked hard to fix the economic imbalances, there’s no reason to go backwards just because people want a few more seals.


I dont think those kind of players are missing out on anythig. So getting extra seals would just help others.
Butbi dont see it happening since i believe that key purchase makes up a decent amount of total purchases.
My topic was just asking about seals in legendary tasks since they were initially planed to be a part of.

So? It’s pixels. Quit acting like it’s something important.

I max seals on Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest. Do the devs not want me to bother besides a two second log in afterwards?

@Sirrian @Nimhain is that the plan?

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There is no economy in this game. What you’re describing is “I got mine, screw the rest of you.”

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