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Seals from daily win rewards not counting

Thanks, @Nimhain. :slight_smile:

If I may quote Canada’s greatest treasure, why you gotta be so rude?

Sorry, @Grundulum; I didn’t mean for my response to come off as rude. Maybe I was letting my passion get the best of me. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just realized you might have been talking about the $100 lol

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FYI, I put in a ticket early this morning but have yet to hear back.

They have a bit of a backlog of tickets at the moment.
From #global-chat on Discord:

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We’re deploying out a fix for the seals issue. It should pretty much work like how seals are awarded in game (eg. claiming seals from the guild menu).

Now it should:

  • Add 50 to your Seals count
  • Count towards your personal weekly total
  • Count towards your guild’s weekly total
  • But say you had 1500 weekly seals, and your guild had 20,000. It wont add to your personal total (as you are at the cap), but should still add to your guild total (as 40,000 is the cap there) (but you should still get the seals though to use)

I hope this helps answer your question @ogunther


Thanks for fast fix Nim :slight_smile:

If I read this correctly, it means there is a benefit to reaching 1500 seals early?

i.e if I earned 1450 seal so far this week, and then we win a war, I would get the extra 50 seals and my cap would be reached so I can’t earn anymore, meaning I have earned a total of 1500 seals this week (which I would have anyway). But if I reach the 1500 cap and then win a war, I would have earned a total of 1550 seals this week (or 1800 if we win every war).

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I was at 1,480 seals and I got only 20 in the mail right now.

We’re deploying a fix for that - anyone who has already had the mail sent out (and meets these conditions of being less than 50 points from the cap) will get an incorrect amount.

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I figured, it was more like reporting what happened to me, hoping it could help somehow :wink:

I got to 1500 yesterday, got 50 in the mail, but claiming them from mail didn’t add them to my usable seals. From the above it doesn’t seem like that is expected. Should I file a ticket?

So for someone like me, who as at 1500/1500 before the battles ever started, I should still get 100 seals at some point (we won both Tuesday and Wednesday)?

I already have a ticket in with screenshots so hopefully that helps.

I’m still at 1511 and I had 1511 before Guild Wars started on Tuesday, and we have won both Day 1 (Tue) and Day 2 (Wed).

I should have 1611, I did receive the email about the 50 seals today only, I claimed it and it did not add to my 1511.

Same here.

Yesterday - no mail, no 50 seals
Today - got mail, still no 50 seals

Had 15 seals in my inventory to start the week. Received seals yesterday, didn’t receive them today. Have not hit cap yet this week. 15+50+917 = 982. Should be at 1032.

The 50 seals counting toward/not raising the weekly cap = no reward later in the week for most and no rewards at all for the hardcore.

If it’s a pain to fix, maybe we could get a 100% gold buff to go along with the XP :wink:

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I didn’t even get the rewards from winning the first day. Today I got the rewards from winning the 2nd day, and my personal seals still at 1500. If the seals from daily win reward doesn’t increase the cap, then it means we got nothing from winning? Beside exp bonus of course.


You’re supposed to get the seals, but it doesn’t increase your cap or show that you received them on the guild screen. So, if you already collected your 1500 seals, then when you receive the 50 seals for the day’s win, your guild screen will still say you’re at 1500/1500 seals. You should see those 50 seals added to your current seals though (eg. on the guild chest screen). Though it seems to not be working quite right currently, but that’s how it’s supposed to work.

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Most of our guild recieved empty mails today @Saltypatra