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Don’t believe everything you hear.

New Troop: Sand Scuttler

Sand Scuttlers can be found in many dry sandy areas throughout Krystara, but they are most common in the Drifting Sands.

Their favorite tactic is to burrow down, just below the surface, and lie in wait for their prey to walk overhead, then leap up. They are cunning enough to know the paths frequently travelled by adventurers seeking wealth in the Drifting Sands’ many Ruins, and will wait there in case their favorite snack - camels - happens to travel by.

When not hunting, they live in giant sand castles - like termite mounds, but a hundred feet high, made of sand and hardened with their saliva.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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Rapid response team! Battling valiantly with Roc for my favorite one-shot troop.


Scuttlebutt, sculttlebutt, does whatever a scuttlebutt doess… Does it scuttle, in the sand?

Okay i’m done now. :slight_smile:


Only 1 troop? :frowning: Please unleash the shocktopus


Ooh, can we get a Mythic Camel at some point?


Troop… meh
But Yellow/Red Arcane Stone? Oooooh :heart_eyes:


Rare give x2 traitstones i think?


What a terrible troop. Why in the world is the spell cost so high?


Also can cast only once lol


That’s what I think it should be cheaper.


Early game wall troop. Has a static +20 life/armor gain on its spell and scales flatly with magic. Mana cost seems a bit high for what it does regardless, just like most other one-shots who seem to have a high mana cost just because they are one-shots and not because of the magnitude of their spell.

This spell is entirely defensive, so even having a super low mana cost (say, 6 or 9) still as a one-shot isn’t going to move the power curve for what a wall troop is meant to be (Since things like Silvermaiden and Coral Golem still have much better longevity by midgame) or for early game scaling (even something like Lance Knight has comparative defensive prowess and board control even early on). More than likely, though, at the stage of the game where you’d want to use something like this because of the flat +20 life/armor buff you lead with your hero who has about 3x the stat pools to start with of most other troops and a comparatively useless spell pool, making the Hero the ultimate fodder blocker. Scuttler is more likely to die before you can even fire the spell.


x2 troop, x1 stone

unless they mess up


I think Epic is usually the one that gives x2 traitstones.


Yeah this troop will be good in arena but will suck in other modes


For such a crap troop we should get three arcanes on each pack… :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it’s intended to survive a Dawnbringer blast in arena? Too bad it’s so expensive and just sits there waiting for the next hit, if so.


Well they give us crap cause we will get shentang friday, they can’t give better troop then the new kingdom troops :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, the good old days when you could by Bone Dragon and two arcanes for glory.


reminds me of :sunglasses:



Really bad troop, even if it cost 1 mana nobody but early gamers would use it.