Scrolls Not Showing as option on Weapon Upgradez

I have weapon/forge scrolls that do not show up when trying to temper/upgrade a doomed weapon. The color of scroll and weapon match. Is there a known bug? I didn’t see anything.


Update…see screen shot showing purple scrolls but not available for purple doomed weapon.

Post a screenshot of your inventory showing all your scrolls and of your weapon upgrade screen, that might help to analyze the issue.

Good suggestion. Thanks

Shouldn’t the purple doomed weapon appear in one of your screen shots?

Which weapon are you trying to upgrade? There are currently only two weapons the Dark Forge Scroll works on, Doomed Scythe and Doomed Cauldron.

The skull cleaver. I thought it was a doom weapon. I searched for doom weapons and it came up.

The Doomed rarity is red and all doomed weapons actually have “doomed” in the name.


The text search is really looking for anything that contains the letters “doom”, like the “Doomed” upgrade of Death Knell. You’ll need epic ingots (the purple ones) to upgrade Skull Cleaver.

Thanks dujas and fourdottwoone for the explanations, that make sense.