Sands of Time

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New Ultra-Rare Troop: Desert Worm The Desert Worm will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Jewel of the Sands There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event:…

Every week I look for these flexible, fresh, and diverse world events with this amazing new system designed specifically to allow them to be creative.

We just get the same pig wearing a different colored lipstick instead.


So basically this is a common troop bumped to ultra rare with one more mana but dual colored.

While it is nice that this event also yields more points with battle difficulty, I am hesitant to say “good job”.

The events are still boring overall, some having huge design flaws, and I cannot trust the logical more points with harder battles as to me that is inconsistent as of late amongst other things.

Honestly the troop is the bigger insult. Good lord, just keep it a common or make it actually do something.


Im confused here. Which is it? Set number of coins or crystals or variable number (1,18x)

Or are the amounts the minimum coins or crystals you will get from each battle?

Or something else totally?

This functionality has been used in earlier events. The numbers mentioned in scoring are the base numbers for each battle. The “variable 1.18×” is a “jackpot” scoring where you can get 1x, 1.4x, 2x or 3x the base score. In addition to that, it seems the base amount will be increasing with each battle.

So, take for instance Scarab Knight with 8 points (assuming normal rounding)
1st battle would give you 8, 11, 16 or 24 points
2nd would give 10, 14, 20 or 30 points
3rd = 12, 17, 24, 36 points.

Someone calculated the chance of the 1, 1.4, 2 and 3 multipliers, but I forget now. Assume that you’ll mostly get the first two but might get lucky with the 3x, i.e. jackpot.


The troop title, sands of time; so appropriate, the sand is running through the time on this game, with these sort of uninspired recycled troops.

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So highest rarity > highest level?

Also, what tier do you guys estimate?

  • Desert Worm: 4 Points
  • Scarab Knight: 8 Points
  • Ifrit: 8 Points
  • Desert Troll: 8 Points
  • The Great Maw: 12 Points
  • Shahbanu Vespera: 24 Points

The battles will award a variable number of Points (on average 1.18x the base amount). Also, as the battles get harder, they will increase the amount of Points granted by 25%.

There is nothing ‘fun’ about having to convert multiple currencies to the metric that actually determines your score. Please stop it.


Early leaderboard: exhibit 1 - high scores (possibly involves luck)

72 battles - 2318
71 battles - 2210
63 battles - 2138
56 battles - 2045
56 battles - 1880

exhibit 2 - variance. the lucky ones crowd up the top

42 battles - 1316
42 battles - 974

60,000 points for reward 12 => 2000 per member in 30-strong guild
Some players can reach 2000 from Tier 0 (~60 battles)
Tier 1 ~68 battles should guarantee 2000 points.


That troop+weapon restriction in the event though… Wow. I know we should be more creative than using the same old teams but this is just… Wow.

With Imperial Jewel, Norbert’s Turnip, and Dawnbringer available, not sure what the issue is with weapons this time. If it were restricted by kingdom AND color, I could see the complaint.

As for troops, cruising through with 2x King Mikhail and Blade Dancer.

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I like to see how many points I can get before I’m hit with the GoW version of the “blue screen of death.”

When again I’m reminded… That the “choice” was actually all for not. And therefore the whole design is just stooooooopid (incase the actual spelling is now a swear word like “d*mn” allegedly is.)

same thing happened to me too, lol

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I think player preferences have become pretty clear by now:

  • Minimal randomisation in scoring (fairer)
  • Battle selection refreshes (‘choice’)
  • Increasing points for higher difficulty/level battles (motivation)
  • Clear or explained mechanism (e.g. “Highest rarity battles give the most points”, rather than “That, but randomly these two battles are worth more and we won’t tell you in-game so gl”)

Imo, the best way to play around with World Event scoring mechanisms for now would be to come up with novel battle selection successions (but that don’t let you ‘miss out’ or make the wrong choice because you don’t know what’s coming up next - obvs some random and playing the odds is usually expected, though).

  • E.g. (similarly to Explore Mythstones) “In this week’s event, you can fight Naga for their tongues or Wildfolk for their ears. Bigger enemies will drop a greater weight of these tongues/ears. The Naga and Wildfolk won’t abide this for long, though - every time you kill 3 of their minions, the Gods of these races will appear to avenge them. Joke’s on them, though - their tongues/ears are the heaviest of all! Finley from Pridelands has no moral compass, just a magic needle that always points to Gold. He will trade the tongues/ears your Guild collects for Orbs and other things.” In this case, it would be most profitable to target whichever race you dislike the most to keep increasing the rewards earned, which is not at all problematic. I also potentially like the idea of taking on more profitable battles that then give the ‘Boss’ some trickier ‘Boss Traits’ (similar to Delves) to deal with in the resulting battle, even though those seem to have been largely scrapped for now.

    • You could even make players choose between the rewards they want to work towards. Given complaints about contributions to the wrong guild tasks, no chance of that going wrong, though, I guess.
  • Another e.g. “We need you to enchant these runestones for us. No questions, just do it. You’ll need to soak them in the blood of a Stryx (air), a Tauros (earth), and a Merfolk (water) - in that order! If you mess it up, you’ll have to start again!”

    • Could probs get frustrating, though :sweat_smile:

In all honesty the World Events are just extremely poor gameplay/design and lack any real kind of progress in the game.

They are absolutely the effort of 0 recurring…

If I could skip them completely, I would, they are not deserving of the time. The only reason I am doing anything in them is for orbs for guildees who do not have ZG. At some point very soon, that will run out too. I strugled last week to do them, this week, it’s more of a struggle…

Now, if there was some effort and fun involved, I’d hold a different view.

I’ll stick to PvP and making different teams there…



And to make things more spicy - that description should be in-game only. Written in Event description text, without a sign of it in official notes. :wink:

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We’ll need another troop type soon – “Worm”. Amount of worms in the game is close to amount of gnolls.


Now I want to go through and count just how many worms there are. You’ve made me very curious! But are all of these worms? I mean, most of them resemble the Lamprey, which isn’t a worm. Some of these are listed as Daemons, Dragons, Monsters, or both. They are all “worm-like” in appearance. On the flip side, they are all nearly identical to the monsters that literally have Worm in their title, so there’s that. In logical terms, all the “Worms” are Monsters, but not all the Monsters are Worms.




You probably just gave them the idea to create a troop with a spell that summons a random worm…