Salty stream resume and little extra

seriously salty 20 min to win a match? you need more practice, maybe next time ask @Ozball and you talk and drink coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

  • spoiler #1: complete rework of world map

  • spoiler #2 : no spoiler #2 cause we didin’t reach 225 viewers boooooooooo

  • little extra : dragon cat preview

and salty will get a new camera (about time) so stream and Q&A will last longer wooohoooooo


That’s a joke. We know about that since ages that 3.6 will be about world map… Even if in the last Q&A, Sirrian said it. So yeah a spoiler but not a new one…

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don’t shoot the messenger, you should be happy i saved you to watch the full video it was the worst and most boring of all

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Well, I wanted to show you the rework…

My god, you are all saltier today than me!


Lol sorry but i was hoping we could at least learn something new and you also made me wait for 2nd spoilers for nothing :frowning:

Perhaps that was the spoiler all along.

The spoiler will be released soontm. So either at the end of the week, or on stream next week. :slight_smile: I think I’m going to have it release next week at 225 viewers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are aiming too high :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t! We have made it to 250 before, and our concurrent viewers are growing each stream. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps you need more hard hitting questions like why is the cat dragon a calicopy from alice in wonderland?

A mix of purple colours isn’t exclusive to Alice in Wonderland. :stuck_out_tongue:

Purrhaps, but you can see why the resemblance was brought up in the other thread.


Is that the sudden new landmass between Prideland and Divinion Field?!!

EDIT : Whelp, completely wrong. Cat dragon hiding part of the map make me see stuff that’s not even there! My excitement for new map clouded my judgment, sorry…

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This forum confuses me sometimes. Some people pull bans like crazy, then posts like this are left alone. This is just a constant excessive rudeness toward a dev, and here it stands. Baffling.

Are you sure you posted in the right place? Or were the messages simply removed? :thinking:

I’m am honestly interested in your opinion on this. From your comment it seems like you think the posts in this thread are reasonable things to say to someone in their home, as this is the home of the employees of this game. Do you think that?

Reading it all again i’m not sure if i can see it from your perspective. The “worst” we could see here is Rickygervais teasing/joking about Salty’s (Peng)long battle… If that’s what you think is wrong i honestly doubt that Salty minds it like an offense on any level.

We have a very relaxed and fun community, 85% of the time generally speaking, and you’ll see Salty, Cyrup, Ozball and more rarely as of late, Sirrian, Nimhain, Kafka and others goofing around joining us and laughing at our jokes/teasing sometimes.

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I think he’s refering to the part i said the video was boring

I remember GoW coming to the Kindle being regarded as a spoiler. Something less than, I imagine, 10% of the community caring about. So my suggestion would be. Say the spoiler will be something written about in 3.6 patch notes (if that’s the case).
No criticism, but I believe you have more viewers when we know you’re going to be talking about an update or showing things from the updates. Rather than “Hey, if we get enough viewers. I will tell you something about 3.6.”

The more strange thing here are the number of gems and gold that a level 88 has :sweat_smile:

It look like that not so much help in events spending gems to help the guild or also Legendary Tasks