Rope Dart Extra Turn - An Obvious Mistake

Except Mercy conflicts with both Forest Guardian and Qilin which reduces the efficiency of that team by a lot. You can’t force the AI to not cast FG or Qilin.

Rope Dart without mana can’t cast. Moon Rabbit is always delivering its payload unless you happen to have a Spirit Fox.

Rope Dart is a very strong weapon, but it can be played against if just thrown on a random team.

Moon Rabbit exists to disable counterplay and enables this kind of instawin culture with any other yellow troop that has that same power level. If not Rope Dart, it’ll be another weapon or troop.

People are literally going to ask something to be nerfed one at a time until Peasants are the meta.


I feel you, but it’s too much for pulling back at this stage of the game…

Rope Dart does the following:

  • Entangles troop
  • Destroys shield
  • Messes up order of troops
  • Does damage
  • Gets an extra turn

Any three of those things would make it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. All five? Too much. Take at least one, prefereably two, away to rebalance it. The extra turn is a fine candidate.

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I put Rope Dart as my guild war Def from time to time and it went 2/10 last time. I had several Def that did much better. If you think 0/12 is better then good grief does anyone want a challenge

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These and the double convert (color to color, color to skull) troops. Those have greatly harmed my playing experience.

I could be reaching, but it seems to me the devs know this or they would have “found” a way to re-release these weapons in the game.

I couldn’t agree more, I wouldn’t miss them if empowered converters were removed from the game period.


Mine went 4-1 and its not even the icky meta one under discussion. *shrug*

Well I’m in B1 where everyone beats up on everything

Been there, not that big a deal.

That’s what I had hoped, but unfortunately with Moon Rabbit blessing the first troop when casting making Rope Dart immune to mana drain, it is difficult if not practically impossible to drain Rope Dart’s mana before it casts the first time.

Not last wars but previous wars when I was Paragon my Rope Dart team defence went 10/11.

I was just giving an example…you have to adapt; often, Rope Dart isn’t in first place. Most builds I see put him in 2nd place anyway

I find the builds with RD in 2nd position a lot easier to beat than when RD is in first position, I’ve also encountered a few different teams with RD used with other troops (seen a few with Ubastet recently). I still think the toughest to beat is when RD is in first position and can be blessed by Moon Rabbit.

That being said, on blue GW day last week I faced 4 RD teams and won all of them, and personally have enough troops and knowledge of the game to consistently beat RD teams in PVP the majority of the time. It just seems that the combination of the extra turn, empowered MR and being blessed very severely limits your options when compared to the majority of other defence teams you would face.

All of this keeps your little gray cells purring along…I never use RD for defense, neither Dragon Eye, because I find it----let’s say dishonourable. I still win 60 % of my pvp-defenses, though :slight_smile:

Yes I agree with that sentiment, I’ve never used dragon eye defence (pre or post nerf) or RD defence (except in GW, but that’s another story), or even Ubastet defence when Divines ruled the world. I never even used Valk/Justice/Mab defence teams like 50% people it seemed did back in the day. I have got a nice few interesting ones that I’ve never seen anybody else use (maybe for good reason lol!) but get good % record from them.

I feel like the key point here is GW.

In PvP, whatever, it’s just another annoying team.

In GW, Rope Dart makes your day more luck-based than it should be. I don’t give a flip if you don’t agree. Your time will come.


That’s pretty much it in a nut shell. In some ways I would actually like to see more difficult defence teams (but not luck oriented using empowered troops), so that there can be more separation of guilds to prove who is really the best. Everybody going 30/0, although it makes you feel great, doesn’t imo doesn’t do anything for the game. On the flip side just losing 1 or 2 games can make you feel like you’ve let your guild down. 30/0 should be something that you should feel really proud you earned, not be the norm.

Agreed shadylady. Its almost embarrassing explaining to your guild mates that the 3/2 result was purely out of your control because the board and empowerment dictated the outcome from the outset. We’ve all experienced that recently.

I don’t know in which guild you guys are but if someone in your team complain because you did 3/2 maybe it’s not the good guild for you…

i am on the #1 xbox guild and everyone already scored 3/2 at least once and nobody complained about it. We understand bad luck can happen. We keep going and we try to do our best in the next gw.