Rope Dart Extra Turn - An Obvious Mistake

There is no argument that Rope Dart having an extra turn attached is the poorest design decision in the history of the game. The question is, will it be corrected faster than Dragon’s Eye, slower than Dragon’s Eye, or will extra turns be attached to Infernus and Ubastet to make it seem not so bad in comparison.

Rope Dart without the extra turn is still a strong weapon. Destroy Armor, change the order of the opponent’s team, do other stuff with ingots…very fair.

Extra turn = assassination dart. No other weapon compares.


@Zepp I strongly agree with you that the extra turn perk needs to be moved.
Removing armor+dragging to the front of the team is annoying enough. With extra turn it’s even worse than a weapon that creates xx numbers of certain gems with extra turn.(doesn’t even exist.)
Combination of rope dart+high attack rage hero or troops is like switching positions+true dmg instant kill in pvp. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

Oh,by the way, it’s not the fault of Ishbaala this time. Nerfing her won’t solve the problem, please do notice that. Speaking of Ishbaala, all the other similar traits are 50% starting mana, but only divine has 40% just because another old mistake they made before. Ain’t nothing fair anymore :frowning:


…aaaaaand that’s where you already lost the debate. 'Cos seriously man, the hyperbolic pearl-clutching is doing you no favors.


@Zepp…yes, it is strong, but perhaps not too strong; as with every other troop in this game there are ways to counter it (mana drain comes to mind, e.g.)

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Why, its fun to build a deck against rope dart. It’s not an op-ed relic.
Be creative and fight the teams. There aare a lot of setups that can win agaisnt RD

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Drat, I should have mentioned this to save people time: no one said Rope Dart cannot be defeated. We are talking about game balance. You don’t balance your game only when something impossible is introduced. I thought everyone knew that, but it looks like I was wrong.


Hmmm…I think having some challenge from time to time is doing something for game balance overall. It keeps you on your toes, and helps you find new ways… I remember times when famine was rather difficult to overcome

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if you look at it from a diff perspective all the cards currently in use in pvp are op considering the othe like 85% of troops ingame are so weak unbuffed to current standards/unusable xD

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Yes rope dart is surmountable, but its strongest cohort (moon rabbit) accelerates the destructive nature of the rope dart deck. I avoid it in PvP, but in wars its all too common a defence nowadays. Rope dart is not really the issue; empowered allies is. The deluge of empowered troops currently means that many highly skilled top bracket players are destined to defeat without getting a foothold in the game. To me that’s bad game design.


Rope Dart is op only when players don’t pay attention( if u use frost class and strategise to not let him get the extra turn before the rabbit cast and you go to win )

When you can use the rope dart team to win on turn 1 (with a bit of luck) then there may balance issues. Even turn 2/3 should send off a warning. Ive been beat on the opponents turn 2/3 with the dart-n-friends team.

And how exactly do you guarantee that when the starting board gives rabbit 2 quad options and freeze randomly picks the troop least likely to stop the loop sufficiently to give you a chance?

I have been saying this for some time now. It is definitely not Rope Dart per se. The plethora of Empowered troops is the true blight on the game. It is almost as though the developers need to introduce Spirit Fox style Empowered mana draining troops in the other mana colors to provide a useful counter (just what we need - more Empowered troops to thwart the Empowered troops that are currently wrecking things :laughing:)
Of course, I have never been a proponent of having a specific troop designed with the sole intent of countering another troop. Look how Fallen Valdis worked out. Still, at this rate, the game will be totally swallowed by first turn team destruction courtesy of Gimlet, Moon Rabbit and their brethren.


Also Moon Rabbit casts Bless so kiss goodbye any negative effect you may have had.


Bingo, as you both said. Empowered troops are the scourge of the game. Losing turn 1 is BS always. Idle one proposed a Mulligan to appease this, and I can see his point even if I don’t agree with the concept. You should not need a turn 0 reshuffle to give a chance at avoidance of certain defeat. Empowered is shite.


empowered spirit fox that moon rabbit.
freeze rope dart.
transform with eoe/DE/tpk.
etc. etc.

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A weapon that’s considered OP is not what you actually cannot defeat. Everybody can have their own team to beat rope dart. But when you are making a comparison with other weapons on mana cost, perks, side effect, utilities(such as extra turn), there is something wrong with this weapon indeed. Rabbit is Not the main issue, it’s just a unlucky troop that works too well with rope dart. In other word, there are many 100% starting mana troops out there, some of them don’t work well with dart. Do you consider they have the same issue?

It reminds me when they nerfed Ishbaala to 40% starting mana, and remember what happened afterwards? They threw the blame on infernus and Ubastet. Infernus base dmg nerfed by 7, and dmg ratio of Unastet nerfed from 4:1 to 6:1. Now, you tell me what the real problem really was? Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Rabbit is the main issue. Without the Rabbit blessing the first ally, you can entangle the first troop with the hero starting talent or a Sylvanimora 4/5 match and avoid a turn 1 instakill from a rope dart cast into skull hit. Without the Bless, you could also freeze the first troop and extend your chances of surviving.

With all of your troops alive, you can play the game properly still, albeit in a different team order.

Rope Dart is strong by itself, but its not the game destroyer it is.

Ubastet’s boost ratio is still plenty strong and 4:1 was overkill
Infernus still has Magic+10 as his base skill which is stronger than most troops. Even Obsidius has Magic+ 8.

Ishbaala was the biggest thing that slowed the divine team down since she generated the starting mana, which Moon Rabbit does the same thing.

Best part, I’m still glad they were nerfed. I don’t care. They function fine when player ran if a player really wanted to use that exact composition.


Rabbit blessing does make the Rope dart immune to many debuff strategies as you listed above. However to be fair, just by Rabbit itself or, with any other troops, rabbit wouldn’t cause such problem. What we’ve been talking about, is the extra turn on Rope dart that does seem unfair comparing to other weapons from various perspectives. Even without the blessing of Rabbit, Mercy could be another possibility. Empowered starting+cleanse, and when the yellow gems convert into an extra turn+Mercy cleanse, Rope dart can still make a kill on turn 1 no matter it’s blessed or not. Rope dart + Ishbaala + Mercy combination will maintain the problem.

Put it in short, rabbit is a condition, rope dart is the problem. If there’s no any other weapon can work so well under this condition, would you admit the real problem?

I’ve been saying for ages that there shouldn’t be any of these Empowered transformers. I definitely said “just nerf Mercy into the floor or delete her, don’t make more of her”. Historically the one thing Jainus and I disagreed on.

(Just imagine it, we could go back to it being an actual puzzle board with moves to make instead of “is the board perfectly laid out for your Empower or theirs and is the game already over” …)

This being said, Rope Dart is very much an S++++ tier weapon and would be doing just fine without a first turn cast. Pretty much the only decent GW day I had last week was with that weapon on my offensive team - without an Empowered start.