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RNG is supposed to mean - Random Number Generator, not Rigged Need Goodluck

Oh my I just realized that team wasn’t fully yellow I used it in my gw’s against the yao gaui team the other guild had. Thank you for pointing out that I didn’t realize diviner wasn’t yellow

Had two boards today that favored the opponents AI team while giving me nothing for any of my converters. Needless to say, I lost both games. Didn’t help that my front line guy was frozen for like 8-9 rounds while the opponent lost both their entangle and freeze after the first. But, I’ve found that’s typical for the game.

It’s frustrating when you set up a perfect counter team and the AI just decides to screw you with a bad board, but not much you can do about it.

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Surely you jest!

I know in that case there’s not much to be done, but I try my best these days to build loop teams…

To quote both Ripley & Hicks, “It’s the only way to be sure…”

Oh I can agree the ai in guild wars is horse crap. As a matter of fact, the only reason I play it and even bother putting effort into teams is solely out of respect for the guild leader. Teams I would normally destroy in pvp all of a sudden turn into King of Fighters boss fights when I have to fight them in guild wars.

Hell, I’m not even going to just stop at guild wars. There are times in pvp where if I pick the middle slot I’d destroy them then a few matches later the same team from the same exact player would appear in the right slot and all of a sudden he chop suey’s me like it ain’t no thang just because he was listed on the ‘hard’ option. I don’t mind if the other guy has a better team but don’t mess with the rng just because it’s on the right slot.

It’s just like PvP same stuff different day nothing new.

LOL I’ve been telling folks for years now, if the A.I. doesn’t want you to win then, you WON’T win. And this is for ANY video game. LOL

I have never seen the AI cheat. I do see confirmation bias from people though. It is common in video games, not just this one, where people think the AI cheats even if it doesn’t or favors the player.

If you think it cheats, start tracking it. For example, how often does the AI get a favorable skyfall vs you? Don’t say what you think or feel (that’s confirmation bias), but actual numbers from hundreds, or better yet thousands of skyfalls.

It is interesting to me that no one has posted actual numbers.


Depends on how you define ‘cheating’.

If your definition of ‘cheating’ in the context of GoW AI is that factors influencing outcomes are not the same for all players at all times, then we do know the AI cheats.

The devs have admitted to as much:

So we do know the game is designed to favour newer players.
How do we know the game isn’t designed to disadvantage the player every n-th PvP battle?
Or designed to increase skulldrops until a level >1350 player loses their n-th PF500 run?

The problem with terms like ‘bug’ and ‘cheat’ is that the game doesn’t have bugs or cheats according to the devs because things are designed to be that way.

‘It’s clever design, not cheating!’ - even if everyone else disagrees. Remember, semantics are more important to the GoW team than making the game better! :wink:

Why? That’s a lot of work for (likely) little to no benefit as people have learned the hard way. Even if numbers were to prove anything, what are the chances of anything changing for the better for players or them starting to show accountability?


LOL The A.I. in ALL video games cheat to a certain extent, it’s designed that way to make it “challenging”.

By cheating I mean setting up the board for the AI with beneficial skyfalls and purposely making poor skyfalls for the player. The devs have stated this does not happen.

Having the enemy make smart or ridiculous moves isn’t cheating. That’s just a difficulty setting. The devs have stated this happens. It’s also pretty obvious when you fight low level adventure boards vs other game modes.

Is there value in tracking whether skyfalls or other cheats the devs claim don’t happen, actually happen? Eh, probably not :rofl: If the community did prove it happens, we all know the devs will shrug their shoulders. I also don’t see value in it because I just don’t think it happens.

RNG gonna RNG.

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As opposed to stating that it does happen? Because that would go over well.

Play 15 arena matches a day and tell me how the AI doesn’t get some help from “RNG” to keep things interesting.

Instead of proving that “it cheats”.
Prove that it doesn’t. 🤷

I haven’t ever seen it cheat, don’t see a reason to think it does, assuming something is not cheating is a safe assumption, the devs have stated it doesn’t cheat, so I don’t see a reason to prove it doesn’t cheat. :woman_shrugging: Ultimately no one has to prove it, I just find it interesting no one has proven it one way or another.

Can’t prove it when the only way to realistically replicate what the devs can do is explicitly against the rules. As in run a simulator/bot.
So their own rules forbids the ability to prove it either way.
Even if you believe their word to be true. It wouldn’t be the first time they have been completely wrong about a game mechanic…or dare I say… oblivious to a bug. :speak_no_evil:

Let’s take a Valraven for example. At my level there’s no way in hell I believe that it has only a 30% chance to run away. From my own “confirmation bias”…I see it as a flip of coin… So 50% chance at least.

Now imagine that the Valraven has a 50% chance to run away when I’m doing a battle with my main account.
But when I do a battle with my level 200 alternate account, it only has a 10% chance of running away.

Is it misleading to advertise the rate as 30% when it’s not actually a 30% chance for every single player? Or because the averages will be 30% is it fair as it’s written? = Gems of War version of RNG.

IIRC, 3 years ago, I tried to test starting board randomness in explore. I wasted about 2 hours collecting data, 1 hour planning how to do that and about 3 hours trying to calculate. The result was a bit inconclusive due to insufficient data. Whatever data I got actually were not nonrandom. So, I was able to prove, albeit not very conclusively, that the starting board is not nonrandom but could not prove that the starting board is random. These statements are not exactly the same. Since data collection is very tedious, I’ve never repeated anything like that.

If somebody can volunteer, I can describe how to collect the data in detail.

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There is no such thing as random of all users and overall for the game. It is simply the law of large numbers at play, which is an automatic approximation of random. Random can be defined only on a limited set within the same account even if a server pRNG is involved in the process. A casino wins on average, which is normal, which does not mean this casino did not cheat at a particular time point.

You are looking on the wrong side of the problem. Empowered troops have to be removed from the game, plus a few other features that dumb it down and devalue actual input of the players.

How about idk, Astral Spirit, for these exact situations?

Percentages for skills mean absolute nothing to the AI. I just had to face the same guy three times in todays guild wars. In every of these battles the 35% summmoning of the thief class triggered every single time I killed an enemy with the minimum of 6 times in a single battle before I was whittled down. I noticed the same happening with devour and other summonings (for example Kerberos) in the past with the same exessivness, especially in guild wars.

On the Contrary if I use percentage skills myself while playing (it doesn’t matter if it is devour or summoning) it will never trigger. I played guild wars every time since it was introduced and tried many times using such skills. And it triggered not a single time for me and instead I lost many matched only because of that misfeature (many more from dropping exessive extraturns and skullmatches from outside the board which only the AI can foresee but that is an even worse topic they will never change). The only time they will ever trigger is extreme rarely in explore.

But in the end it is totally usless to write here about that (even though it helps to vent every now and then) because all the answers I will get are “that’s normal” and “they would never programm the AI to have an advantage” like in the past. After all this time without change I’m getting dulled by it, knowing beforehand that you loose those fights no matter what team you bring.

The one thing I could disagree with is that it always favors the defender. That may be true for you, but I get some seriously lucky opens. The fact holds that luck (slot machine) is a factor. I hate that, when it’s my turn to get screwed. I’m not sure how you fix that though.

Personally the whole mode is pretty flawed. Not a dis on the game. More a dis on the limitations of active/passive pvp anything.