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Revert the Task System

I know I am not the only one who thinks this…other players I talk to online and on the facebook page for GOF that thinks the new tasks system is total garbage now…4 tasks a day…Massive bump in time consumed and a Severely lowered reward…I am really considering a petition to revert this…if enough people will get behind this…and if the devs actually care what the Players/Fans think

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There lies the problem. The devs were given plenty of feedback regarding tasks leading up to the last changes and this was there answer. Total opposite to what there fanbase clearly wanted.
We have lost a few guild members since this update.

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  1. I sympathize with your anger

  2. This won’t go anywhere I’m afraid…

  3. All the changes and hard work the Developers did to deploy this update have been overshadowed by ONE hot button issue “The new Task System” (Yes there are bugs in the update but based on the forum comments everyone has been very understanding and patient about those). The Devs have also quickly addressed the vast majority of bugs.

  4. I personally like the new system, except the rewards they are too trivial compared to Guild rewards or Tasks v1.

The rewards are terrible. The tasks themselves are not to bad but hardly worth spending the time doing.
My answer to the new tasks on ps4 is the L1 button and I just treat the game now like they don’t exist. Each to there own.

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I sympathize, but it sounds like the current experience is by design.

We were spoiled before, plain and simple.

You can easily avoid Tasks and just do 5-10 Maps a day and get more resources than even before.

It’s called adapting. People quitting over this is laughable.


Even with lousy rewards, the 50 invasion wins / trophies will eventually get done. The win 20 matches using 4 troops from XXX will be there forever…

Do the kingdom challenges. You should be able to blow through them in no time and may pick up some arcanes in the process.

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I haven’t seen a single positive comment on the task changes, and the rationale behind them didn’t make any sense. If the devs had said money was the reason, at least that’s something. Instead, the devs said that the reason was that players that tend to quit the game are the players that tend to not do many tasks. That’s a classic correlation does not equal causation fallacy if truly the reason. Ultimately I would put money on many leaving the game unless the task system is at least modified from what it is now. My suggestion would be each task slot gets refreshed 3 times daily instead of just once each, and the tasks changed to be more worthwhile (seriously 5 gems for 20 wins with 3 troops from Pridelands? What a terrible task that nobody would want to do unless you can somehow fit a Valkyrie in there and try and treat it as a soul farming team, but even then very boring.

The new task system inadvertantly made Tyri extremely useful.

I am gonna use the hell outta her ability.

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She was already useful. Not to mention when did she become the hardest hitting troop (base stats)? On console anyway.

But now she can get you everything with her maps.

Except Event and VIP keys.

Everything not exclusive to microtransactions.

Event keys are not exclusive to that. 60 revenge wins gets you 1.

(Yes I’m playfully riding the pony and giving him a hard time.)

Not on console version.

Yes on console. Part of the last update.

Oh, didn’t see that. Too bad I only get successfully attacked about once every two days now.

VIP keys still are and there’s a $50 Typhoon of Keys pack in the shop. Plus, 60 revenges can take a long time. Especially if your revenge team decides it wants to win every time. I know you can pay for Gem, Event and VIP keys with gems but mostly, those latter two keys are coming out of your wallet.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s unlikely that we’ll revert the tasks system any time soon.