[Restarting Resolves Issue] Images of all weapons and spells are distorted

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When opening the weapon tab, all images are distorted. This is also happening for weapons in teams and if I look at the details of a specific weapon.

Edit: Just realized, this bug also affects troop spells.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Graphics were displayed correctly yesterday, so it started today. Up to now, always when I look at a weapon.

Steps to make it happen again
Open weapon tab.


Ok, after restarting the game, all images are displayed correct. Don´t know, if that can be solved by a simple restart or if the distortion of the graphics might happen again.

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Yeah, happens in other places and platforms too. The daily offers on Android have their textures halved and x-offset by 50% sometimes. I’ve seen the same happen with spells in battle on both Android and Steam.

That is messed up. Such a fundamental thing to get right!

Had same issue this morning at PS4 after restart it was okay again!

Had same happen to me on steam yesterday.
Hawx told me to restart the game, which fixed it for me that time.

Same here on PS5. Seems to be Various. Palying on two different Consoles . On one the spelles are streched on the the other not. Weekly Bugs yeahhh. So impresed about the unexamined Updates. Noooooot

I faced this issue on Android but not on teams.
On phone a complete reinstall fixed it

Hey @Djimbalimbl

Have you already attempted a reinstall, if so and this is still occurring what aspect ratio are you playing in?

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Sorry for the late reply…

I haven´t done a reinstall, a simple restart of the game fixed the issue. Up to now, it didn´t happen again.

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