Request for Clarification: Alliance Ranks and VP Reset

Alliance ranks depend on two things, days of membership in the alliance and total VP collected. To climb in ranks, thresholds in both categories must be met, peaking at 100 days of membership and a total of 800k VP collected.

Players who joined an alliance right when the feature became available are currently around 30 days of membership. A significant number of those players are grinding VP to qualify for highest rank on hitting 100 days of membership in a couple of months. Which may be a wasted effort.

Please clarify how the VP reset supposed to hit with the next update is going to affect alliance ranks. The 7.5 patch notes aren’t clear on this. Will everybody lose their total alliance VP, bumping them back to lowest alliance rank and having to grind those 800k VP again? Is there any point at all to spend time in PvP right now, for the purpose of climbing alliance ranks? Or are those alliance VP an entirely different counter that always keeps growing?

There seems to be a well established communication pattern of never, ever replying to topics deemed bad news discovered early. Please reconsider. Players would be very unhappy to learn that their grinding activities so far have been pointless, but at least they could stop throwing more time at it. If they should intentionally be mislead into another month of pointless grinding, with rewards getting yanked away in what amounts to a surprise move, I would expect the backlash to be phenomenal.


You wrote everything very competently!!! I support the request. But there is a 99% certainty that the developers do not yet know the answers to your questions

It’s a very simple request.

We need to know if our total VP and/or loyalty reset when they start the first alliance season.

If people are trying to get enough vp and loyalty to reach great general, only to have all of that progress lost, many players will leave in frustration and confusion. It seems evil by design to need to be part of an alliance for 100 days to get the best rewards and then have it taken from you.

To me, it doesn’t make sense because you would just join the same alliance anyway if you were not losing citadel wars. Why should you keep losing your progress and have to keep climbing up ranks every season?:man_shrugging:


But who can answer it?
Kafka is MIA and without a screen grab, video and invite code there is not much Bramble can do either.


I’m at 1.000.000+ VP. But after finishing 1st in my bracket and getting rewards for 2nd place this week, losing my VP after a new season starts will lead to me abandoning PvP quicker than Devs can add more micro transactions to the game …


Totally agree. This was one of the major improvements I requested regarding alliances, adding a warning of how long left in the current season so we know if we have time left before the new season, to make it worth leveling up ranks.
If I need 45 days to get to the rank that gives me rewards I want, but there’s only 42 days left in the season, I need to know that, not get surprised by it just before I get what I was working for.
And we need really clear information around what happens at the end/beginning of a season. Especially at the beginning of the first season, as we haven’t started one yet and that may be treated differently as a result. As long as players know, there’s going to be way less complaints and players quitting or ditching modes that devs want them to pay for.