[REPORTED] Velenne’s boost ratio is bugged

Platform, device version and operating system:
iOS current, iPhone 7

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected Velenne’s boost ratio to count opposing troops only, since the text says “boosted by Cursed and Webbed Enemies”. Instead, the boost ratio counted AI curses/webs when computing the AI boost ratio. (Note a completely clean team on my side, and a Level 300 Velenne showing a +12 boost.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it several times during my Lv300 faction run in Eldrazhor. Have not tested other game modes.

Steps to make it happen again
Use Velenne anywhere where Curse and Web could affect both sides.


As I look at my screenshots, I count three troops that are Cursed and Webbed. The boost ratio ought to be +24 in that case, not the +12 showing. So Velenne’s boost ratio is bugged in multiple ways.

Edit: @TheIdleOne, can you contribute your test results (not that it should take much work from Infinity Plus Two)? This is an extremely obvious bug to check/correct on the dev side


Xbox One:

  1. Screenshot 1: My Matron Velenne is webbed. 3 on my team are cursed. Nothing inflicted on the enemy side. Should not have any boost ratio, has 12%.

  1. Screenshot 2: Enemy Velenne, not webbed. Webbed 1 of my troops, cursed 3 of my troops. Only has 4%. (web)

  1. Board state of screenshot 1 + 2, untouched

  1. Separate battle: Cursing all Enemies adds no boost ratio

  1. Separate battle: Malcandessa’s web cast gives 4%


i wonder how the wording of this web and curse is implemented

is it either webbed or cursed? is it webbed and cursed? does it stack if an enemy has both status?

Its worded similarly to King Bloodwood, which gets a boost ratio from a stack of bleed and a boost ratio from entangle separately. (stack)

Step 1 though is that it shouldn’t be counting enemies curses as your boost ratio.

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Just another picture confirmation…all four of my troops are Cursed. First two enemies are webbed. 6x4 multiplier. First enemy Rogue is Cursed (Not counted). My first troop is webbed (not counted).

I’ll take it if it helps kills enemy rearguard. Please don’t ban me for using an exploit.


The new faction event may have ended, but this issue is still ongoing.

Surely this doesn’t need to be mass reported to get noticed? Eldrazhor will eventually come back around.

Its not hard to reproduce on the player side.


Thank you for reporting this bug, I have passed it on.


Matron Velenne’s boost ratio still seems to be bugged, which is a bit of an issue with the current focus on Zhul’Kari. It seems to only be counting webs, not curses (and there is no stacking, though I don’t know if that is supposed to happen or not).

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This screenshot goes with the other, I’m new so only allowed one media per post.

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