[Reported] Urska Dragoon bug

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Urska Dragoon spell text:
Deal [Magic+4] damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy is damaged, Enraged myself and deal 10 more damage.

What really happens:
Deal [Magic+4] damage to an Enemy. If the Enemy is damaged, deal 10 more damage. If the Enemy is damaged (and surviving), Enraged myself.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Being a coding/logic miss, it always happens in my experience.

Steps to make it happen again
Kill the Enemy with the extra 10 damage, and Urska Dragoon will not become Enraged.

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While we’re here, can we check that the text ‘Enraged myself’ is intentional? I understand that the status effect is called ‘Enraged’, but the action of applying it should read as “Enrage myself” to my eyes, as can be seen for the Hellclaw Rager troop, for example.

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Yeah, the typical phrasing is “Become Enraged”.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencapture and the clear descriptions.

I’ve reported this issue to the developmen team to take a look at.

  • If anyone notices this issue on any other platforms please let us know!
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I think it applies to Switch equally, I’ve definitely had cases where Urska Dragoon failed to become Enraged after spellcast.

Easy to test though - my test team:

  • Defiance, Urska Dragoon, Slayer+Anu’s Sceptre, Spirit Fox
  • Urska Dragoon has a base 29 damage (can buff via Defiance’s 3rd trait)

And as luck would have, in several cases a Battlecrasher (Xenith) showed up, triggering Slayer’s 3rd trait giving all enemies Bleed, ensuring that they already count as “wounded” for the purpose of Urska Dragoon’s spellcasts.

Initial tests:

  • 29 damage vs. enemy with 31+18 (full) HP: Deals 29 damage (to Armor only), no bonus damage, no Enrage
  • 37 damage vs. enemy weakened to 5+1 HP (Armor+Life): Kills outright AND becomes Enraged

More complicated tests:

  • 29 damage vs. enemy weakened to 29+13 HP: Deals 29+10 damage, does not kill, become Enraged
  • 29 damage vs. enemy weakened to 15+22 HP: Deals 29+8 damage, kills, did NOT become Enraged
  • 29 damage vs. enemy weakened to 24+11 HP: Deals 29+6 damage, kills, AND becomes Enraged

I caught the last two on video (though the last one I forgot to slow to 1x speed as I normally do when recording bugs). What’s weird is in both cases the base damage was sufficient to pierce all Armor and deal damage to Life, in both cases the enemy was killed via +10 bonus damage, but in one case my troop became Enraged while in the other it did not.


Haphazard behavior - sounds like Stone Zombie - non-specific sequencing of effects in a spell? Your second case (kills outright yet Enraged) sounds like they test for injured/Enrage before applying the damage. Are they really writing (incorrect) parallel processing? Really baffling.

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I wouldn’t suspect it, bugs caused by multiple effects running parallel really only started with the debut of Lycanthropy Gems (and other Heroic Gems which “float” across the board) as their effect doesn’t actually trigger until the floating effect finishes, which (depending on specific timings) can cause certain things to occur out of (intuitive) order.

Or maybe you’ve heard of the manual-target-softlock bug? If you spellcast while such a Gem is still floating then the Gem hitting its target would disable that troop from the list of available targets highlighted by the UI, completely softlocking the game if they were the only valid target. (Last I heard, it’s actually still possible to trigger in current versions)

There’s also been a few cases of spell effects being impacted by game speed, but those are extremely rare.