[Reported] Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Lenovo TB-8704X, Android 8.1.0

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Haunted Guardian’s spell says: “Explode Gems in a 3x3 cross”. So I expected destroying 21 gems: a block 5x5 without corner gems.

But it doesn’t work this way. It simply destroys 3x5 block, like a vertical bar 1x3 explodes.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just since the troop appeared in the game.

Steps to make it happen again
Take Haunted Guardian in a battle, charge it with mana and cast in a clean area without Domskulls. You’ll see 3x5 block destroyed.


The same thing

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Cast on the purple gem next to a double skull.
As seen below, the destroy pattern is 5x5 block without 4 corner gems.

Confirming bug on Android.

Having said that, I normally reload game after reset, but I have now re-restarted game, troop spell is working correctly.
And next few casts - sometimes works as advertised (21 gems), other times 3x5 (15 gems).

This is working as intended. A cross is a +
For the corner Gems to be exploded it would need to be an “X” like on Dragonian Rogue
or a “5x5 block” (like Formorian and Obsidius)

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A few people did seem to get the 3x5 block destroyed, though, which seemed a bit strange (seen in Zubs’ screenshot, without the sticking-out side bits):

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I can’t repro this, I’d need a video.

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Here it is. Speed x3 (at x4 looks similar).


Same here, on Android 10. The spell explodes a 3x5 vertical block.

Edit: here’s the video

Same here with 3x5 vertical block on Android.

2 videos provided above. Please review this again. At least remove [Not a bug] for now. Thanks!

Thank you for the videos


This might help: at x2 animation speed and below, spell works as expected. At x3 and up, the sides don’t explode.

This is x3 cast on center skull.


Bumping because I am still having this issue, and can confirm the issue only occurs on x3 and x4 speed. It works normally on x2 and before.

Another Sword’s Edge week, and no fixes for Haunted Guardian. Too late for 5.5?

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Okay, @Saltypatra @Kafka requested here.

BTW, just curious whether QA tested Uber Doomskulls at speeds x3 and x4.

We are doing a lot of Uber Doomskulls testing atm.

Not fixed in 5.5.

Not fixed in 5.5.1.

Somewhen HG’s spell has been fixed for speed x4: firstly block 3x5 is destroyed, then 2 blocks 1x3 to the left and right of this block are destroyed.

Does not work for speed x3 though.