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Look Alive

I don’t even know if its a + or an x, they’re both crosses. I actually was assuming +.

I think it was like Obsidius but instead of a 5x5 just 3x3 (so only 9 gems exploded). Really odd wording that was used imo too

Okay, lol, it’s the + sign; definitely a li’l confusing, but I guess once you’ve used it, you know:

Sorry for the Doomskull.

Realistically, it actually only ‘explodes’ 5 Gems (and the middle one is unnecessary), ‘destroying’ a 3x3 vertical cross area, which you assume would generate 50% of any mana destroyed.

I guess it can make for interesting board manipulations? And obviously generates less mana than a “destroy” spell.


World Event - The Lost Sword

Average Score Requirement to close all reward stages based on a guild of 30 is 18,300 Points per member - based on leader boards this is <placeholder ~battles> (Tier __) (will update as Leader boards populate)


It looks like players have a little bit of agency, more so after 40+ battles than before, to choose better battles. It starts a little Spectral Knight heavy, but by around 70 battles it looks like early leaderboard players have chosen more Grave Seers than Spectral Knights.

The graph below is based on the below scenarios:

  • 3s/2k/1g - ratio of 3:2:1 between Grave (S)eer : Spectral (Knight) : Haunted (G)uardian, not taking any Lady (M)orana or (D)eath
  • 3s/2k/1g/m/d - as above, but taking Lady Morana every 4th, and Death every 5th
  • 2s/2k/2g - even ratio of 2:2:2
  • 2s/2k/2g/m/d - as above, taking Lady Morana and Death


Based on early leaderboards, scores approach the 3:2:1 ratio (not quite), but it is observably higher than a 2:2:2 ratio.
I doubt the early leaderboard players would have taken the route of skipping Lady Morana/Death, so according to the graph, at the 72 battles that is required for a fair guild share of 18,300 points, it should be more beneficial to skip Lady Morana and Death.



I created a bug report about HG spell: Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android) . The bug shows under Android, on PC/Steam everything looks well.

16th November - World Event -Daemon’s Treasure
Average Score Requirement to close all reward stages based on a guild of 30 is 18,300 Points per member

  • based on leader boards this is ~71 battles (Tier 2)

Really? A Knight restricted event, and we can’t use Sir Quentin Hadley?


~There is not a single troop available with legendary base rarity~ :expressionless:

There are just two troops available with legendary base rarity :expressionless:

Queen Ysabelle and Lady Morana are both legendaries


Ysabelle was one of my first legendary troops and I used her sooo much when I first started. I’ll definitely be trying to work her into a team this week for nostalgic reasons.


i use 3 ysabelles in my team, lol

i used her a alot and preferred her before the nerf (when damage dealt was after attack boost)…

now seems bit slow, but propably useful for this event i guess (although spell damage is not boosted by medals i’d assume?)

This week event medals boost both spell and skull damage.

Ysabelle’s cast, however, does not count as spell damage


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Lol. I wondered if it might fall between the cracks while I was making my team. Pretty sure it’s one of those coded as ‘special’ damage, similar to Charm or Reflected damage (or exploded/destroyed Skulls).

I think Faunessa’s damage wasn’t boosted in an Event, either? Was, nvm.

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Out of sigils today so I can’t provide precise screenshots, but I’m pretty sure that I saw clearly damage dealt being equal to respective ally’s attack value.

In a convoluted way it makes some sense as one can argue that Ysabelle is not technically the one doing damage - she’s just redirecting troop X’s attack value to inflict harm to an enemy, thus - not a spell damage, but yeah…does not feel too cool, does it?

Also, I have a suspicion that similar issue already arose in the past…I’m just too lazy to skim through forums right now.

Okay, I just checked Ysabelle in the event, and I’m pretty sure the damage was boosted.

Just wanted to check – what happens if you pick one of the other battles instead of Lady Morana? Does Death appear as the next battle anyway, like the description in the initial post would suggest? And then does a reset happen after that? Could affect optimal choices, I guess.


Could we get a shittier set of troops next time, please?

I would like to thank the devs for the introduction of this new spell mechanic.
It is way deeper than it may seems at first glance.
There are a lot of patterns of gems that leads to extra turn (I’m already counting them on tens).

It’s amazing, it’s brain-teasing and I really hope we will see this mechanic back on other troops.
Good job on this one, guys !

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