[Reported] Underspire map reset

Same here!

I bet this affects everybody.

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Lol this is hilarious.

Can we assume it’s everyone then

And everyone would be at different stages, if buying or using gems, and we’re they were in map.
And on different dragon bosses.

Damn guys this is a cluster.
Can’t wait to see you resolve this one.
Love it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Give everyone 2x the boss rewards from the 7 dragon bosses.

@Kafka so do I bother even playing this reset Underspire or just wait for a fix? There’s very little time to reach the end if we have to start from scratch tomorrow to reach the end.


Yes some clarity on that much would be useful. Is it even possible TO fix?

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It can’t be fixed, the old map from earlier this week is gone. Even it if could be recovered, players have been starting out again on the entirely new map, it’s not really feasible to merge that together.

Will be interesting to see how this gets handled. Maybe a Free For All, where everybody gets sent 666 lanterns to go crazy this week?

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Uploading: image.png…
Ошибка присутствует Произошло после обновления игры У согильдийцев та же проблема

my map is reset after update too

Mine is reset too. Just when I had the best map ever and therefore BOUGHT some TORCHES to finish the whole thing. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They should just give everybody a minimum of 14+30 torches for two days that are already past, better throw in another 7+15 torches for today, so we simply start exploring anew.

Then work out proper compensations for people that paid real money for lanterns.


Same here back at the very beginning , I hope we do not have to repeat all the battles again .

For me: Underspire was fine yesterday after updating – existing progress was present, was able to play the free + 2 sets of paid torches; but has reset back to the empty map after daily rollover.

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I think it’s everybody and will this reset everyday now? I wish I had waited til weekend to play it since I hate wasting my time.

now that’s a real mess. RMT game mode broken midweek. that’ll be funny to see the fix/compensation on this one.

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keys progress untouched tho. what a mess. not even a real reset.

I’ve spent Gems and real money buying some torches. What do I have to do, @Kafka?


I was livid yesterday already. Now I’m downright mad. How do I get a refund for 7 years and VIP level 8?

@Kafka @Jeto @Bramble @OminousGMan

Yep already had first boss cleared and almost to 2nd and this happens? Purchased a lantern pack also.

Just quickly created this known issues article for any further updates:

Once this issue has been resolved, we will be looking into compensation for those affected.