[Reported] Unable to select Spell target

I’m on Android and experienced this bug for the first time during the Tuesday delve event.

I selected King Blood wood’s spell but it wouldn’t let me target and enemy. It greyed out the board and my allies like it would normally, but when I clicked any enemies, it’d only show their details. It wouldn’t cast the spell nor do anything else.

I was stuck and had to retreat, losing that sigil…

To clarify the screen shots, after you cast a spell, when you click an enemy, it selects them as the target. It shouldn’t bring up their details, which makes it impossible to target a troop.

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I don’t know how to reproduce it, since I used KB in PVP and Explore over the past few days and haven’t seen this before. However, I experienced it yet again 3 floors layer, wasting another event sigil.

Hey can you please let me know if you get this issue after updating to 4.7?

EDIT: wow I just realised how old this thread is, we’ve been following up and investigating this issue since you first reported it but I didn’t get round to replying to your thread sorry.

No problem!

I haven’t encountered the issue again after that day. It was very strange.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, PC, Windows 7 64-bit

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’ve expected to choose a target after using a Rope Dart, but all i can it’s an examine enemy troops or retreat through ESC button(cause gear button not active) or close the game completely.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s was happening 2 or 3 times for all time, i think.

Steps to make it happen again
I’ve no clue why it’s happened, i just played as usual.

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That looks like the exact same bug I encountered with King Bloodwood.

I submitted a ticket since I lost 2 sigils during the process (Tuesday faction assault) and had to spend more gems to complete all the reward tiers. They said they couldn’t reproduce it. :cry: I’ve been hesitant to use King Bloodwood ever since.

So, it seems the problem with a troops you have to choose a target for :thinking:

Merged threads and renamed the thread to keep everything together in one place.

We’re currently investigating this issue and it’s on our Known Issues list:

However, any further information that can be provided by players experiencing this problem is welcome!


Ive experienced this bug with zuul goth and flammifer. Dont know exactly how to reproduce it but i think it happens when i cast the spell too fast right after the enemys turn has ended. Unable to click anything, had to force close the game in both cases
Platform: mobile


I was finally able to capture this on video :smiley:. I haven’t encountered it very much since I last reported it. Maybe once or twice.

GemsofWar 2021-11-16 23-10-24

I was playing while watching TV so it varied how fast I was clicking after spell became available. It does seem like I may have clicked too fast in this case?


The same thing just happened to me. No video, though, but a lost Journey sigil here… I also tried to cast The Wild Queen’s spell. It looks exactly as on your video.