[Known Issue] Unable to Cast on Target

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam GoW 4.9.5

  1. Cast RoG

  1. after selecting cast on Reflection of good, cannot select anything on the board, any enemy, settings menu, or chat.

  1. if i click on any of my own troops, like the weapon is intended for it only shows the troop info, but no other action occurs.

Game is stuck in this locked state, have to force quit :frowning:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
first time ive seen in myself.

Steps to make it happen again

This fight occurred 2-5min before making this post during the World Event. if that helps with log gathering.


Infernus isn’t ready to cast so the graphic you included makes sense. It appears the hero isn’t ready either but assume he was full and when you tried to cast nothing happened and the game considered his mana to be spent? Very odd.

@Thevc i have described the order of events in my OP…

@Redi1 was saying he saw this somewhere but we were having a hard time finding it so i made a post anyway.

Then i see Kafka tagged this as Known issue which led us to it :slight_smile:

Yup, that is exactly what i happened :joy:

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Here was my report on the same issue: [Reported] Unable to select Spell target - #9 by noob.

I don’t remember experiencing it again since then. :crossed_fingers: Here’s hoping that continues.


It happened to me once as well. Also posted about this here:

The only solution is that you try to click a little slower.
However, I am not sure if it’s 100% effective. Probably not.

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It happened to me again during the Faction Assault. I was playing fast, and looking at the recording, it does appear I clicked “Cast” very quickly after it became available to click.

Slowed down:

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I really hope that this will get fixed some day!

@Kafka, what else can we do to minimize the chances of such things happening?

Lowering the game speed from x4 to x3?

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Nice capture @Voq thank you! I’ll add it to the bug report.

@Koromac yeah I suspect slowing the game down a little would help but it shouldn’t happen so frequently to worry about it, depending on what your animation speed tolerance is… I feel like I’m crawling toward death slower than 4x personally :wink:

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Intresting. This has happened to me 4 times total but all only in world events. In surprised to see it happen in a faction assult since I play those at my personal max speed :wink: