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[Reported]TINA-9000 Not doing three shots after bandit summon

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:

Here is the the screen shot before TINA-9000 casts:

Here is the screen shot after. The Bandit was only hit one time

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

TINA-9000 should fire 3 times. In this scenario TINA hit the hero one time which killed it. The summoned bandit was then hit one time. The third shot never went off.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Happens every time TINA kills a unit and a bandit is summoned

Steps to make it happen again


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What’s the damage ranges for your Tina in that build?

43-86. I took video of it happening too. I first noticed it when I was doing a GW match last week. I set up a defend team and tested it until it happened again

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@Kafka Here I clipped the video I made and made it into a GIF so it can be more clear as to what happened. You can clearly see TINA only firing two times


I’m not sure if Tina should be targeting Bandit at all, all three zaps should have been targeted at hero, and second two zaps should fail because target hero is already dead.

if so, then there is a different bug

This probably applies any time the final enemy troop’s death triggers a respawn.

I’ve been using TINA for Pet Rescues lately and I’ve been seeing 2 shots instead of 3 happen consistently when the last enemy troop is an IK (Infernal King) that respawns.

Case 1: Bug (No 3rd shot)

  • Only enemy troop left is IK.
  • TINA shoots and kills original IK with 1st shot.
  • IK respawns.
  • TINA shoots the respawned IK with 2nd shot and it lives.
  • No 3rd shot occurs.

Case 2: Bug (No 3rd shot)

  • Only enemy troop left is IK.
  • TINA shoots original IK with 1st shot. It survives.
  • TINA shoots and kills original IK with 2nd shot.
  • IK respawns.
  • No 3rd shot occurs.

If IK is not the last troop to die, then we don’t see the bug:

Case 3: Expected (All three shots occur)

  • Two enemy troops remain (IK and other).
  • TINA shoots and kills original IK with 1st shot.
  • IK respawns.
  • TINA shoots and kills other troop with 2nd shot.
  • TINA shoots new IK with 3rd shot.

Seems like a question for the designer. I recall these kinds of spells (see also Ship Cannon) originally working like that, picking all the targets before any damage is dealt, leading to wasted shots sometimes. But then people complained and they changed it to pick targets after each shot. With that change, it seems reasonable that TINA should hit the Bandit.

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@Kafka should tell us all the essentials.

No pressure thanks @Koromac :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really have anything I can add to this @SirCookie seems pretty spot on with the cases they’ve listed out.

I’ve been asking the team to spend their bug time on the Guild War issues and the Event Filter locking outside of the event if possible so I don’t have any update on this one yet sorry. I’ll update the title of the thread as I forgot to come back and do it.