[Reported] Soulforge problem

says in my game that upgrade available but when i open soulforge just shows it needs more runes , i only have 10 out of 30 needed butt yet notification is there and says level up with 500 gems. i noticed another player with same problem in my guild family

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You will see that message until your soulforge is at level 20. Mine is not i am geeting the upgrade message, one of my guildies has it 20, he is not getting the annoying exclamation point or the message


Reported here [Reported] Soulforge upgrade notification

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I found the answer to the problem. Go to Adventurer’ Path, select Hero Level then collect your rewards by selecting Collect All. You will get the gems you need to upgrade the soulforge. :grinning:

Well i thought that going to the Adventurer’ Path and collecting the gems needed to upgrade the Soulforge solved the problem because i collected the rewards upgraded the Soulforge and the notification went away. But afterwards it came back saying Upgrade Available. So i don’t have a clue what’s going on unless there is more Adventurer’s Path Rewards we need to collect that hasn’t showed up yet.