[Reported] PVP red/white block obstructing board

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The battle starts with the red opaque box and, once you make a move, it turns white and you can’t see anything behind it. It makes it difficult to play. While this has happened sporadically throughout the years, it happens frequently in the new PVP mode. A guildmate has also had this occur.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
It will probably torture whoever has to track this down because you actually have to play your own game (specifically, PVP). There is no rhyme or reason why it happens.


The red transparent one seems to be still there in the 2nd screen shot, just obscured by another opaque white box on top of that. Very odd stuff.

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I should get bonus VP for winning these battles lol.


That happened to me too occasionally a few months ago but was completely gone again one day.

And never in PvP, which I play a lot. Xbox too.

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I am sometimes getting the “white box” playing pvp too.

iOS iPad

If I go to the homescreen and return immediately to the match the white box disappears !

I’ll try that…thanks. Ofc, it still shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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partner had something similar on iOS last week: playing new PvP, guild shield floating over the battlefield.

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Going to the Home screen didn’t work for me.

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Thusvhas been happening to me too since the new PVP came out. I would say it happens about every 10 PVP battles every day since. It disappears when you got to other screens, but as soon as you enter another battle it reappeasrs

I’m also getting this. It skipped the red square this time and went right to the white square at the start of battle. On Xbox one.

It can also appear in the loading screen before the battle starts.

I’ve had this white block on and off for ages. It’s the assets thing on my iPad I believe. Started when the assets went funny. I’ve not reinstalled the game since whenever it was. Occurred today first time since 7.3.

Last time I did I believe I ended up freaking around with some unskippable beginning tutorial despite clicking on the option not to.

A different looking square I got for the first time today.

holding pattern for pop up add

I also got it today for the first time.

Well if they were trying for xmas gifts almost got it. New mechanic to obscure the board?

Lovely present thank you IP2.


Hi all, were you all playing PVP when this happened? Or could you let me know which game modes?

Was anyone NOT playing on Xbox or iPad when this happened? If so, which device were you playing on?

Thanks everyone for the reports and screenshots!


This only happens in PvP.

Mobile and was posted for a friend.

It has picked up today. Almost every 5 battles or so the guild shield, red box, and white box appears in the middle of the screen in that order. The guild shield emblem appears on the main screen going into the loading screen at the start of the battle. Red square once the battle begins, and white square once I make the first move.