[Reported] PVP red/white block obstructing board

@Kafka just seen a report of this on PlayStation in global 001. First time I’ve seen it mentioned on the platform.

They first reported the shield in the centre of the screen, I then mentioned what I’d read in this thread. They replied that they also got the red box a short time later and couldn’t see the whole board.

Before this patch like two patches ago I seen it once in guild wars battle. A restart of the game after the battle fixed it.

I’ve had this happen multiple times while only playing pvp on Xbox, been this way since the pvp update.

It’s getting worse… this one wouldn’t go away after the battle. Had to restart game.

If you report that battles with this issue are giving dragonite or deed books, they will actually look into fixing it.


This one actually popped up coming out of the holiday event. That’s why that little pink symbol is in the middle of the guild shield.

Just bumping to say this wasn’t fixed from the past update. All types of squares are still popping up during PvP battles.


If your “priority” is fixing PVP, why is this still an issue??? Restarting the game should not be the solution.

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So, the last few days I tested something and it seems to work…so far. After doing the monument battles, restart the game, then do the PVP battles. When I do it in this order, I have not seen the shields/blocks. Anytime I forget to restart, they show up (as often as every other battle) until I restart. However, I do my PVP all at once. I don’t know if I go do other things in the game and come back to PVP if the issue returns. Again, why am I forced to find workarounds when this should be fixed by now???