[Reported] PvP only refreshes 1 out of 3 opponents (the selected one)

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile, Android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was expecting all three PvP opponent selections to refresh, presenting three new selections, after finishing the previous battle.

Instead, only the selected opponent refreshed – the other two choices remained the same.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This happens every time, in every PvP battle.

This began happening at the start of last week (I believe).

Steps to make it happen again

Play PvP.

As a note – this exacerbates any Victory Point or Gold discrepancies, always ensuring that you eventually end up with a less desirable opponent, and reduces the control you have over difficulty/reward selection.

If you want an easier opponent, you keep removing them until you get something harder.

If you want a harder (higher VP/gold) opponent, and keep selecting them, eventually you’re left with lower opponents and a smaller amount of random refreshing to give you what you want.

Please also note discussion/mentions in the following thread:

As you can see, this affects multiple players.


Only four players want to fight against you :laughing:

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@Kafka - fixing this would solve a lot of the complaints you’re seeing in the feedback thread - as long as you also make the battles low-mid-high. People need and want options. One truly low level battle needs to be available so people can play without facing a 1500+ player’s meta team.

When I started playing and could only play T1 level battles in PVP, it motivated me to want to be able to play the harder battles. You will actually sell more boons this way.


I’ve been playing for 30 minutes. No battles over 56VP. Also, not enough of a point spread between low, middle and high battles, which is exacerbated by not changing all 3 opponents. Here are my last 3 battle choices.

I’m winning but it’s boring and repetitive, so I’m done now. This is why assigning team scores doesn’t work. Mathmetically the choices look low middle and high but the reality of playing and VP points assigned is just everything moved to the middle.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencaptures.

I’ve let the development team know about this issue!

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Do you want me to create a second ticket about the team scores/VP levels?

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This is a pretty significant problem. Since 2 of the 3 opponents don’t change, if you’re actively avoiding 2 of the fights, they never actually go away and it makes the optics look like the only troops being used are those troops.

People probably use the same troops anyways, but this issue makes it look a lot worse.