[Reported] Pvp league promotion

Well I’m sorry you guys feel that way. Most people would like more gold marks.

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Like i said. Not complaining.until i get first in my bracket and no rewards…

@Sylwani @Risa do you remember the names of the players who should have finished above you?

The issue isn’t that they’re getting the reward/placement in someone else’s ladder at all.
They’re placing correctly in their own ladder.

The issue the ladder isn’t being displayed correctly it seems.

So everything is running exactly as expected on the game server but the people reporting this issue aren’t being shown what the server is saying.

Either way though you need to be able to see what is actually happening correctly.
I just wanted to clarify this isn’t caused by this:


I think I found what’s causing the issue and I left notes for the team.
It was an unexpected interaction with another system.

So we currently don’t need any further info.

Thanks everyone


Unfortunately no. The bug is still here:

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It’s crazy that people are actually complaining about getting gold marks….


It feels like a fairness balancer if you get put in a rough league. You may not get 1st-3rd in your bracket, but you could hit a threshold based on the top % of all players which gets you a bonus. It’s better this way and I hope they don’t “fix” it.

If people were getting less marks than expected, then I’d be on board.


My complaint about this is that you have no way to tell how you’ll place when you’re near that threshold of getting gold marks or not.

Most of the time in the Diamond League, I would finish the week without getting any gold marks. However, for all I know, I was only 1 battle away from “3rd” because I had no visibility into my actual placement.

I’d rather be able to plan and grind for gold marks, than get it randomly once every few weeks/months. I was able to finish 2nd and 3rd in my bubble these past 2 weeks because of that. I saw it didn’t need much more grinding, so I did the bare minimum needed to place.


We have the fix for this in QA as of this morning.

We will try to get the fix in before next weekly reset :crossed_fingers:


An update from the lovely lion!

Thank you as always, Kafka.:heart:

Hola , una consulta … habra alguna informacion para los que no podemos probar es test de steam ? Saludos y gracias :muscle: