[Reported] Pvp league promotion

Steam version.
Last week, I played in Amethyst league. I finished about place 14 or 15; safe midfield, neither a promotion nor demotion spot.
To my surprise, I was promoted to Topaz today.

How did this happen?

P.S.: Before the topic comes up again, to not report “good” bugs: I expected a slow week so that I can focus more on the new kingdom. So a league, that may be even more competitive than the one I was in last week, is not what I want.


Had something similar. I ended 3rd in my league but got the reward for being first.

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the situation is getting out of control

I’m sorry you got more rewards than you wanted. Hopefully they will take away your extra gold marks asap!


Omg the loading after you press PvP button.
It’ll be 2025 before I get to play.

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I have a few questions regarding leagues and promotions/demotions as well.

  1. What is the point of sending out such empty mail messages?

  2. Why am I still in amethyst league? When I checked last week I was in the relegation zone, therefore expected falling a league down.

Is there any thing that works right in the PvP at the moment?


Check the site, that’s working as intended.

Player’s can also drop down to a lower league. This occurs if you finish the week ranked in your leagues “Relegation Zone”. Each league’s “Relegation Zone” does vary a small amount in size and does get smaller the lower the league gets.

Finishing in the demotion zone makes a player drop down one league, unless you are in the Bronze League which has no demotion zone as it’s the lowest league.

If a player doesn’t play for the entire weekly event, they will not drop down a league.

If you can’t play for a week, you don’t touch PvP at all and you will stay in the league you are in. If you purposefully wanted to get demoted, you should have played at least one PvP game and ensured you were in the relegation zone, maybe by trying to lose (not always possible to guarantee demotion if multiple people are not playing - it sorts alphabetically it seems).

Not much at all. Launching it in this state and leaving it so over the holidays is not good enough.

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Considering that I played 100 games (well, for a round number. 99 is what it takes for me to complete all goals) and was in the relegation zone…

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lol, 100 wins and still in relegation zone of amethyst? Sucks to be in that bucket.

You were in a pickle if you wanted to get all your PvP rewards for the week and also be demoted at the same time. Looks like one of those instances where people will tell you to not moan that the game is doing you a favour and not to tell teacher, even if you didn’t want such a favour.

I had 85 wins (just enough to clear pvp rewards), was in position ~20 in my league and got promoted to topaz also, it makes no sense… I’d rather have stayed in amethyst or went down to emerald, to be very honest

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And here’s the next question for devs:
If a player doesn’t play for the entire weekly event, they will not drop down a league.
What is meant here?
One week of not playing PvP or one week of not playing the weekly event like Invasion, Raid or ToD?

How nuts is this rule tho.

If you don’t play, you stay we’re you are.

If you play one PvP fight, get some points, then end up in relegation zone , you get relegated lol.

This is so wrong , I understand why , it’s incase people are on holiday or working.

But if you play one fight, then a family member goes into hospital and you have to go. You get relegated.

I think this defo needs changing.

Everyone has family or work or holiday it’s understandable.

But this is just a game, if your in the relegation zone, whether you play or not.
Relegation should happen. Imo. It’s the only fair way.


I would guess the real money shop works correctly. :rofl:

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I’m glad you can play enough games to even consider promotion… the load lag is utterly awful between battles for myself and my wife. Upwards of 2 minutes between battles. That’s on PS5, and might aswell quit playing at this point… seems like its been about a month without a fix.

I had a similar thing happen to me. I was deliberately staying in the no-promotion zone (to let all the “race to diamond league first” people pass me by) and got promoted anyway. I’m surprisingly salty about it.

Ok this might answer why.

Iv got my league I can see. I’m 2nd ATM.

Now my friend is in a different guild, I’m actually in his league to, but I can’t see it, I’m 4th in his league.

If you remember when they started the new PvP , they said we’d be in more than one league, but we can only see one.

So we will never no our position in the unseen league, unless by luck your with someone you know.

And that’s pure luck.


Usually it was thought to be the other way around; that the standing in your personal ladder has only influence on yourself, but not on the other players in there, who might be ranked against completely different accounts.

If it is the way you say (which does not sound unlikely), they messed this up completely.

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Yea it’s weird, in my mates league I’m staying ahead of him.
Even tho I’m only fighting in my league.

In my league the top ATM is 17k. I’m 2nd
In his league top is 32k I’m 4th.

I guess it’s the only way this sort of PvP works.

We’re competing for points in a league if 30 players, but playing players from other leagues.

Ps. I know that our personal ladder is what we see, but the league we can’t see, is there personal ladder, so we’re still effecting it.

I like it tbh.

On the OTHER hand: If there was a hidden “real” ranking system, we would not only have players, who benefit from it, but would have heard complaints from those, who scored less than they expected.
And if that had happened to anybody, I am sure, we would know by now.

Plus the Devs probably thought, there’s no way we would ever have a friend in our defensive league.

So we’d never know it was based like this :rofl:

Cos the odds of me being in his league, he’s not in mine.
Is probably same odds as a underspire sentinel :grin: