[Reported] PvP leaderboard rewards not received

Still no reward received from this. Any chance this can be looked at?

@Kafka Nearly three weeks on and no rewards yet. Any chance you can look into what’s happening with this, please? Thanks.


i played up to reset last night to try to get top 50, i failed and got 51st. checked my mail right after and did not receive any gold marks or any mail for the global leaderboard rewards.

here’s my inbox:
-the exalted path xp boost from saturday
-a gem apology email
-my league result email
-the exalted path xp boost from sunday

never received 5 gold marks for the global leaderboard for being rank 51st.

here’s a screenshot from taran’s showing me (ekkusu) at 51st spot.


You are looking at the Messages tab, you might need to look at the Rewards tab instead. My PvP rewards showed up there (for position 14823, it’s amazing how many players put way more effort into this).


obviously i checked the rewards tab and its not there. i wouldnt post on the forums if it was. ending last week with 70 gold marks, still have 70 after checking all my mail.

That sounds similar to the gold marks I’m missing, I had a match going when reset happened, so when I finished, reset happened, but the in-game mail never rewarded me.


There’s a sense of frustration when the expected response is to notify people in this thread that there is a zendesk article up about this topic to explain why there’s just bizarre radio silence going on for extra weeks, but there isn’t one crossposted here.

I can’t say it leaves me much hope assuming that the fix probably needs to be included in the next update which could be as far as 10+ weeks from now and THEN compensation might go out?

Do I expect Gems of Wars player logs to go as far out as 3 months out? It’s not even an issue that effects every player every week, so how do they even sort out who needs what at that point?


Thanks for sharing this. Yeah, pretty frustrating that no official reply pointed to this, but a relief to know what the official stance on this issue is. Sucks that it might take so long to get rewards we worked hard for, and I really hope they are keeping track accurately. I’ll just have to keep a close watch and see what happens, I guess. Thanks though.

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@Kafka how long are player logs kept?

I’m willing to wait, but I’m not willing to let the 30 gold marks, silver marks, gems and other rewards from my top 20 disappear completely and I’m just not seeing how this is something that’s desirable to be sorted out months later. It’s one thing if it affected everyone and needed global compensation, but its not.


The team are working on this at the moment. They updated me this morning.

We’ll be sending anyone affected their missing rewards soon hopefully.

I’ll post again once we have an ETA but currently there’s no concern the data will be lost.


Thank you for the update.

Hello, same happened on switch no global rewards for me after reset !


Got a mail today saying “here’s your rewards for this week” and it had no rewards attached. Not sure if there was supposed to be, because I wasn’t top 3 this week, but it was weird to get a mail telling me I got something if I didn’t.
Still waiting on the original rewards I didn’t get, but hoping they get sent soon.

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I got my rewards in a post under Rewards that said
Subject: “Weekly Reward”
Congratulations! You finished in position 12,060 in last week’s PVP event. Here’s your reward.

There was a 2nd empty mail under Messages that read:
Subject: “PvP League Results”
Congratulations on competing in the Diamond league. Here is your reward for finishing !

(space between ! and finishing). I had finished 18th or so.


:thinking: rats, I’ll let the team know about the empty mail and ask about Switch’s mail too.

Could I please have your invite codes? Feel free to DM them to me if you’d like to keep them private.


Heya, thanks for letting them know. My invite code is FULLMOON5_KFUD
Hopefully this can get fixed too.

Again - no rewards received from Pvp-Top100 :frowning_face:

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Sucks that this is still happening.

Got another mail saying “Congratulations on finishing in the Diamond League. Here is your reward for finishing !” and nothing was attached.
Also, still no sign of the original rewards I never got.


Watch them lump in the message with no rewards issue with the people missing rewards from the leaderboards for compensation. 50 gems for all. zzz

Same here, got an empty reward message.

Didn’t take a screenshot, but finished 10th or something close.

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