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[Reported] Potion gems can grant first turn to AI

thank you for getting back to us, what is planned by the devs team to avoid these stuffs from happening again?
(lycanthropy freeze bug on 2 campaigns before this, AI can move first bug on this campaign) which seems to always be present whenever there’s a new campaign.

surely you need some testing done way more often and early before it is deployed


They were told about the lycanthropy freeze bug in beta and did Jack about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same was said about this glitch.

Always funny how these two glitches take weeks or months before we’re told a patch is ‘nearly’ here and just needs 1000 approvals before they can release but the GAP glitch that caused players to gain more resources than was first anticipated was fixed in under a day. It very much feels like the dev team go “does it cost us money? No? Eh, leave it until after the campaign and it’ll disappear on its own, just tell people it’s a client update so will be there soon™.”

I’m going to defend the devs a bit here. If a bug costs the devs money in lost revenues (because players don’t need to buy as many gems, orbs, or whatever), then it makes fiscal sense to fix that quickly. If a bug isn’t costing the devs money because it works against the players, then the publisher (or whoever controls the spending) is a lot less likely to authorize dev time and an emergency patch.

It is much easier to put a price tag on diminished storefront/flash offer purchases than it is on damaged community goodwill or player exodus from the game. I feel sure someone in Infinity Plus Two or 505 Games has done both computations, and come to the harsh conclusion that most of us are too addicted to quit the game even over a pair of bugs as ridiculous as these last two heroic gems.


I just don’t understand how a match-3 game can be so glaringly and so regularly bugged. I play games far more complex and intricate than this and sure, they have bugs too, but not ones that regular players would notice. This game has a new bug every week and everyone can see it, and for some reason it takes months to fix every new bug.


Not “every” new bug NerdieBirdie … but only those in favor of the players are fixed immediately … Yes referring to Gnome-a-Palooza :wink:

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We’re still waiting on a fix for the Campaign task “Skip” button not working. 5 and a half Campaigns and counting.

If it doesn’t affect the “economy” it goes to the bottom of the totem pole.

Reminder that for the first 4 years of IP2 being acquired by Digital Bros, they get paid depending on how well GoW does financially.

They are being actively incentivized to push monetization first and foremost.

Ding ding ding. See above.

Honestly even with all the criticism I post I feel the same. If my paycheck depended on me making the company as much money as possible, I’d either be doing exactly that or looking for a new job. Those really are the only two options.

Companies exist to make money for their owners/shareholders.
They are not your friend.
You ARE just a wallet to them.

People just need to vote with that wallet and support companies that treat them properly/put out a product that meets their expectations.


First battle today in gw. Enemy team explodes a gem, part of this explosion takes out a potion, I lose the first turn, enemy team loops for 90 seconds, kills my entire team, battle over.

I never got a turn. 10/10 for impotent dev skills.


It’s been nearly 2 months and this issue still hasn’t been fixed. Does it really take that long for a client update?? This really shouldn’t still be happening.

It does when you don’t care. There are still broken gems from previous campaigns. If they could charge you 500 gems for bug fixes, you can bet they would all be fixed immediately.

I’m still having this happen, plus there are many times the enemy almost takes a turn but somehow doesn’t; as in, I’ll see the gem swap happen but it stops.

Even their bugs have bugs