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[Reported] Potion gems can grant first turn to AI

Valraven filled it’s mana and cast it’s spell before I had a chance to play, on the weekly event today. Luckily it didn’t run away.


I lost a match to the Bone Dragon after the potion bug filled him and he got skulls out first turn before I could act.

Nope, happened to me about a 1/2 hour ago; confirmed with Guildmates, too

Could we not just disable or prevent Potion Gems from appearing on the starting board, as a better temporary fix?

I believe it’s already possible, since Skulls appear less frequently on the starting board compared to sky falls. Plus, boards that contain no possible matches are scrapped from appearing – perhaps any with Potion Gems could similarly be scrapped?

Does the bug happen from Potion Gems that fall and match due to Potions of Explosion?


It does. As far as I can tell, the only condition that needs to be met is a mana potion triggering on turn 0.

It’s been 25 days already, maybe longer, IDK. I’ve lost two faction delve runs today on turn zero without making a move due to this bug. I’m wondering whether it gets fixed before the campaign ends. Apparently it’s easier to just wait for a few more weeks, so that the problem solves itself. :wink:

True story and real life advice:
If heating stops working in your house in January, you should walk around the living room repeating: “I am warm, I am warm.” Indeed, after 4 months it will get warm and after 6 months even hot.


Sometimes some prevention mechanism stops the AI taking the turn, but sometimes it still can take it and do the opening move.

You (and anyone else who has lost any event sigil battles due to this bug) should make a support ticket. Event sigils cost gems, which cost money. In the past at least, they have eventually reimbursed players for sigils lost to bugs with a small amount of gems. Doesn’t make up for your lost time in the delve level up to your loss, but at least it’s better than nothing.


This was before my first turn today. Had the potion bug happen twice in 6 sigils. One I could recover from. There is no recovering from this:

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Was this a long time ago? I only recall them reimbursing players for lost battle rewards (basically gold & souls), not gems.


I think you are confused. I could not care less about anything related to “compensation” or “being reimbursed”. I am however puzzled by an invitation to play a game of backgammon, which I found has been indeed turned into a game of blackjack. When faced with such unanticipated substitution, while sitting at the gaming table, I was trying to merely voice my opinion on the matters. However, the dealer remained silent. Apparently this means that backgammon became blackjack and vice versa, presumably by a royal decree of the King of Krystaria? If there is such an entity of course.

@KLGChaos I hear you loud and clear. :exploding_head:

I have lost at least one fight in events per week, because of this. And so lost Valverines, because of this. And it also doesn’t just move one tile, it makes 2 moves at once. It literally makes this game horrible to play.

Just saying that this should have been fixed first week, but we still have it happening after several weeks. Never have this many bugs on another game and definetly not this slow fixing for those

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Yeah I’ve seen the two moves at once also. Just couldn’t be bothered trying to capture evidence of it.

This problem has been ongoing for over a month. Convenient that when the GaP bug happened it was fixed double quick in a matter of hours yet whenever it is anything detrimental to players it drags on for weeks.

Come on, sort it out. Enough is enough now.


If anything the problem seems to be getting worse. I just had an enemy drowned sailor cast AND match gems at the same time, on the first turn. Absolute madness. What would a new player think, seeing that?


It does seem worse to me, too. Multiple times in the world event I saw the opponent take two first turns!

It’s almost like the ghost-reverse move meant to “fix” the false start is now registering as its own move after the false-start or something :roll_eyes:


Yep. Twice during the WE today the potion bug hit and I watched as the AI moved two sets of gems at the SAME TIME before I got a move in. Filled up 3 of them right away. Thankfully, they were still low level and couldn’t do much damage, but I’m dreading the higher levels.


Did @Saltypatra address this on her stream last night? Or is constant bugs not getting fixed why she’s really stepping away?

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