[REPORTED] More spelling/grammar mistakes

Campaign entry 3: “Stormchaser told us that [a] new magical force was present in Krystara.”
The word in square brackets is missing.

Last week’s World Event mentioned the “Rajshasi”. What on Krystara are the Rajshasi? Never heard of them. I believe it was intended to be “Rakshasi”, yet even this is a mistake, as the correct plural of Raksha is Raksha. Rakshasi is precisely the copyright infringement you’re trying to avoid with D&D.

Upcoming troop, Draxxius has the following spell text: “Killing Word: Co[n]vert all Brown Gems to Skulls. Then Curse and Death Mark all Dwarves.”
The letter in square brackets is missing.


If you can’t even get your English text right, what hope is there for translations?! It makes you look incredibly stupid (a.k.a. unprofessional), and is incredibly easy to avoid. And this isn’t just cosmetic, either: searching for gem converters using the word “convert” isn’t going to pick up Draxxius, is it?

I have been saying for years, that all you need to do is put all new text through a spell checker and grammar checker – the one on Google Docs is amazing, and there’s a fair chance Microsoft’s version works properly too, these days. You build up your custom dictionary for all the special names and terms. If you’re clever, you even standardise the capitalisation. The automated checkers highlight anything suspicious, and you simply tell it whether it’s right or not. (Of course, it helps to have someone proficient in English doing this: a lot of your mistakes feel like the sort of thing a non-native English speaker from China or Europe might make.)

So, after all this time, I’d actually like an answer: why do you not use spelling and grammar checkers?


Hey @Starlite

Thanks for pointing these out.

I’ll get these passed on to the team to be fixed up!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

This is hilarious :joy:



This is on Oneiros’s 3rd trait description.
New upcoming legendary. I think it means “random” actually.


I can tell you that German translations aren’t very good.

The weirdest stuff is when they translate flavor texts that are lines of songs that we would recognize in English - why wouldn’t we? - but that don’t make sense to most people in the German version.

Some troops had their gender changed…

But the most infuriating is when troops miss a part of their spell like Lucifria does.


Oh dear. That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Publishers used to provide services like this as part of their contracts. I guess it would be nice if 505 stepped in to improve things.


Thanks, @Jeto

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This still happens. The spell for The Lovers says “for each Red Gems.”

Another one – not technically a spelling/grammar error but on a similar level – look up your journal entry for Campaign 1 (Seal of Kurandara) Chapter 3 (Silverglade), which still reads in part:

The highlighted part should clearly read “Forest of Thorns” instead of “Silverglade”. This chapter took place IN Silverglade, home of High Elves, when the next chapter took place in Forest of Thorns, home of Wood Elves. Who’d bother Krystenax for just flying a lap around the Kingdom and back again?

(Not you, Princess Elspeth, put your hand down)

Also, EK’s flavor text should end with a question mark.