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[Reported/Investigating] Vash + A. Weaver summon freezes game?

We think we have figured out what the issue is. We are working on a fix now. :slight_smile:


It still seems to happen everytime Vash’Dagon casts his spell and it triggers the enemy team to summon. Frequently happens to me when the enemy dies and summons on death from Vash’Dagon’s spell attack. Something about the player team devour/summoning and enemy team simultaneously summoning it seems.


@Kafka Are you aware that this issue is still not resolved?

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Hey, yep still aware :frowning:

Although I’d be interested to know if anyone gets it post 4.6.5 update?

4.7.5r18392, Steam version, 4x speed, window mode.
I played something about a hundred PVP (left) battles with Vash’Dagon team, and the game freeze happened to me four times.

After the fourth time I tried my Vash’Dagon team on a defence team with Weaver:

  • on 4x speed the game froze;
  • another time I switched to 1x speed right before casting Vash’Dagon the second time: Weaver summoned Webspinner, Vash’Dagon summond a daemon and no issues occurred.

On 4x it’s every time the same: My Vash’Dagon devours an ally and the moment a summoned troop appears (starts to appear) on the enemy side, the game becomes unresponsive. I don’t know if it’s important, but on my side a troop that should be summoned in place of the devoured one, never once appeared.

Here are some screenshots (2 times it was Weaver’s summon and one time it was some hero class with the trait that summons Sister of Shadows):


This bug still lives?

Ohh, yes. Happened today morning: first PvP fight.

Apparently but we can’t repro it :frowning:

@razong what device are you using (if it happened on mobile) or your PC specs if it happened there?
What team were you and the opponent using?

I can reproduce the bug about 50% of the time using these teams


The bug usually triggers on vashs 2nd cast

Iphone 11, latest ios, 4x speed


I play on mobile iPhone 8 and iPad Pro 11“.
My team is:
Opponents needs to have Arachnean Waver or Summoning class like Orbweaver. I play mostly against L&D meta with this.

A summon is always involved in this crash.

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Thanks!!! I’ll test using your exact setups.
@noob was that in PVP or Explore those screenshots?

Training battle where you can set the defense you want to face

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This bug is come back, need to fix it, thanks for watching
4 times is freeze, Played with Vash against a Weaver team

again and again

new information. Any double summon can cause this bug


Is this bug finally being put on the test, including the latest info about double summons?

it’s still on the list. Can’t repro so far but it’s being tested and code checked.

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still crashes

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It’s strange that they can’t reproduce and find the cause of this error.

Can you also put the Team Share code and explain both screenshots?

I would like to test it, so I would need more information.

It is very strange, so we’re wondering if it’s possibly down to very specific devices or if not devices, very specific circumstances with like a minute time window in the micro seconds for this to trigger and it only happens when other things trigger in a specific order. Or something.

I’m leaving the specifics with QA :expressionless: this one is out of my league, I haven’t even had dumb luck encountering it. Usually if there’s a bug, I play enough that eventually it will happen to me at some point when I’m not really paying attention and I can have an AHA! moment. But not for this one T_T

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