[Reported] If I Were A Rich Man trophy/achievement doesn't unlock

Hey all,

Has everyone who has over 300 Forest Herb completed a Legends Reborn specific battle and still not seen this achievement tracker pop?

Similar to what @canadademon experienced, where it triggered after this battle was completed.

For me it popped once I finished the story. Before that I had over 300 and it didnt show

It shows 246/300 in Steam, 431/300 in game.
I was moving all over various game modes (also trying to find the softlock), finished Legends Reborn first chapter with under 300, later went over 300 in explore.

I can confirm now, that the achievement is unlocked on Steam, when a storyline fight is finished with 300 or more items.

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I completed all Legends Reborn battles and still didn’t get the achievement.
Now I have hundreds herbs more than 300.

321 herbs collected and achievement stuck at 19% on XBox

Just adding my experience yesterday. PS4 here.
Started collecting Green Herbs way before starting Legends Reborn quest. Got over 200 then started Legends battles. Completed the track with 299/300. Went to PVP and as soon as got another Green Herb the Trophy came.
Also, after that I went to collect the rewards (the first pet) and at the final reward got the soft lock. Had to quit game and return but with the reward collected ok.
All the way the tracking showed the amount collected.

Stuck at 18% as well. On Xbox


Stuck at 28%. 482/300

One reason this happens is they do not test with players on Xbox. I applied and was told they only test on steam. I think they need to test on all platforms. They also need better test plans. It is easy to catch bugs like this if you plan for common scenarios. Then you also have system wide integration test plans to make sure your changes did not break something else.

Also, stop the time gating please. It makes people really not want to play the game long term. If I want to grid 500 battle crowns in 2 days, I should be able to. The same for doing all 5 runs on legends. What is the purpose of time gating besides making players mad?

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I think this is correct. I did the story first, and my tracker is stuck at 15%, even though I reached 300 herbs afterwards.

These devs never fix things promptly unless they stand to lose money, so I imagine we’ll have to wait for the second story playthrough to become available and it’ll unlock after finishing. At least the broken achievement is only blocked for a few days this time, and not for months, like in the past.

Hey all,

Cross-post update! :sparkles:

To anyone who ran into this bug on Monday, I can confirm that completing a Legends Reborn battle today while being over 300/300 will trigger the trophy/achievement.


I also confirm this as mine popped immediately after the first battle today as well.

Same for me: achievement popped in Steam after playing the first battle of the second Legends Reborn playthru; switched to Android and got the achievement there too after playing the second battle.