[Reported] If I Were A Rich Man trophy/achievement doesn't unlock

Platform, device version and operating system: PS4

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

“If I Were A Rich Man - collect 300 Kingdom currency in a single Legends Reborn event”

This trophy/achievement should unlock when the player collects 300 of more of the currency, but doesn’t. Clicking around the event menu and relogging doesn’t resolve the issue. Not sure what the intended trigger is for the game to check for it. I’m currently at 314/300.


Same problem. PS4

Same issue on Xbox. Stuck at 55% completion with 324/300 forest herbs.

Is that what it says ingame or on the achievement?

I’m going to stick my neck out and say it won’t be active (incorrectly) until the other achievement ‘complete a kingdom questline 5 times’ unlocks on day 12 of event. Unless of course they fix it :sweat_smile:

The counters aren’t syncing up for some reason.

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I’m stuck at 85% on xbox with over 300 green kills. I notice the tracker only went up after completing the 1st run through of the story.

Steam version here.
After completing the first story section, the counter suddenly jumped to the correct number, then got stuck there again until I completed the third story section.
The event flag is linked to the story missions, so much is for sure. Will see, if it keeps going like that.

I don’t think we are supposed to earn Forest Herbs outside of the Legends Reborn event. My Xbox achievement tracker only updates when playing Legends Reborn, but it does include the herbs I’ve earned outside.

I wish I’d earned the 300 before I started the event. I’m pretty sure it would’ve popped then.

Same on Xbox. 4 people have popped it on TA though.

Is it possible that the achievement stopped tracking when we encountered the soft lock that people have been having on the rewards screen. I’m stuck at 16% but people are reporting different numbers when there’s stopped. 16% equates to 48 green troops killed. I got my soft lock within the first hour of play time after reset which approximately matches to the number killed before i had to force close the game.

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Android/Steam version here.
Android doesn’t let you know your % and I collected 20 herbs on Steam, after collecting over 300 on android, but I’m stuck at 0% there.
I even managed to collect an unknown currency once.

The event loads with a delay of a few seconds on the main screen, so if you are starting a fight right after launching the game (or the daily reset), GOW only knows, that there is something happening, that should give rewards, but does not know yet what, and gives you the default reward.
At least that is what I assume; had it happen to me twice too.

About the 0%, as said above, it might only refresh when you have done a story branch in the event.

I completed it when I had like 150 currency.
Now I have over 500, still 0%.

Trophy worked for me. I collected 300+ Forest Herbs before starting any of the Legends Reborn battles. As soon as I won the first one, the trophy popped.

Was also fortunate not to have any freezes whilst getting the collectibles, not sure if this made a difference though.


Thanks, I was wondering about this. It sounds like the trigger to check for the trophy is winning a battle in the quest line. That explains what people are describing above with their progress trackers. Hopefully it will sort itself out on Wednesday when the second set of quests unlocks - although they should really fix it to prevent more bug reports every time the event runs.

I “finished” story part 1 with 46/300 herbs and played another match in explore 1 that would’ve awarded 3 herbs. At this endscreen my game broke. This would mean 46+3=49 when my game basically killed itself and the continue button didn’t work. My steam achievement tracked exactly to 49/300 (I looked it up right now, out of curiosity). I didn’t pay attention if the three herbs when the game crashed were awarded ingame or not. As I said, it may be a coincidence, but, well. :slight_smile:

My freeze came of the first PVP match after finishing the quest, and the achievement tracker did not move afterwards, but I can say whether on not it did from the match.

Steam version here - I’ll start off with a thank you all for your sacrifices.

After reading this thread a bit, I got 300/300 herbs before I started the Legends Reborn thing and the achievement popped after the first battle.

I do hope that those that haven’t got it yet will be able to get it tomorrow. It is most likely that a trigger occurs after one of these battles and it sends an achievement update.


Same problem 300+ and no trophy (playing on PS5)