[Reported] Hawthorne incorrectly multiplying miles at Mythic


Screenshot or image:

**When ascended to Mythic, Hawthorn only multiplies journey miles x2 instead of x3.

**Happens every round.

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Could this be the same as this bug reported about the miles calculating incorrectly?

I seem to be getting the same problem. I just did a battle with 30 miles as the reward and the pathfinder troop at mythic. so i should have ended up with 90 miles. however i only received 69 miles. the match went:
i took 1 turn
opponent took 1 turn
i took 1 turn plus 14 extra turns which resulted in all enemy troops being defeated.
really confusing how the calculation works, and considering this is my 30th-ish fight, how many miles have i been missing.

So if you went over in turns, your base mileage gets deducted and then the multiplier happens. You must have had 7 points deducted to get 69.

I’m losing 30 miles on every single battle. This variable move/turn deduction is absolute trash. Nowhere in the game is there mention of it. If you put Hawthorn on your team and he’s ascended to mythic, you should get 3x the miles listed per battle, as is posted in the game.


It’s in the help document in game, how it is calculated. The deductions come before the multiplier is calculated. The problem is that the deductions aren’t calculating correctly based on turns as it says in the document, but on moves like in guild wars. There’s a bug report on this.

If you’re losing 30 points every time then you’re getting the max deductions because you are losing troops or taking too many moves.

I’ve replied about the Journey Miles calculations here:

Ffs, 30 x 3 = 90. Me and everyone else spent the extra gems to get Hawthorn to mythic for 3X the miles listed. We then find out on here, not in game or anyplace that should inform players of your idiotic mathmatical equation that screws us out of the 3X mileage on the journey event. Your game is full of bugs and issues, yet your only response is ever “it’s working as intended”. That’s crap and we all know it! You continue ruining your own game and creating new events with posted false information and secretly penalize us for using troops that you chose! When does the madness end!? Bring back Salty, at least she seemed to care a little bit about us. Btw, I’m a VIP 12. Sadly… But I feel an actual response is warranted and not some BS copy and paste write off response. Nobody ever likes being misled and lied too.


It is absolutely a fair complaint that the scoring for events is not clearly explained in-game. This has been true of the world events since their inception, and is really very bad game design.


Kafka, I kinda figured this would be something else for you to dodge. So good job on that. Now, since the scoring was never fixed or corrected on the journey event, I’ll be anxiously awaiting that “working as intended” response or “we’re sorry, here’s 10 gems”.