[Reported] Gold mark bonus for citadel victory doesn't work

Your all lying

XD still not active XD

Are you in purple alliance?

If your question was aimed at me. Yes i am and have already collected my gold marks. The post was just jokey really, to highlight the fact the devs havent changed the status of the fix. But i guess it wasnt that funny if ive got to explain it :crazy_face:


thank you for the update. When we saw the point total in Saturday’s battle with central spire, we recognized there are enough players in the other alliances to team up on 1 specific citadel and claim it while the bigger guild will be spread evenly.

Thank you Dark Order!! Got all my Gold Marks Bonuses from yesterday’s 3 conquered citadels.

Can confirm it is working now.


I confirm 3x 50 gold marks today if you in Dark Order alliance🤩


Citadel points appear not to be counting in Maraji Expense. I got 7 points there, still says 0 for all alliances on Xbox.

It’s a cunning plan stop DO world domination but I bet it breaks something else as it’s likely not set up for ties on rollover.

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It’s been long enough to figure out compensation. Where is it???