[Reported] Gold mark bonus for citadel victory doesn't work

Platform, device version and operating system: PS4

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Alliance Reward Details:

  • When an Alliance wins a Citadel War, they will receive a special version of the Region Bonus for that Region, that will give Gold Marks instead of Silver Marks for the next 24hrs after winning the Citadel.

Purple alliance won the citadels that were up for grabs yesterday. When the region bonus rolls around to those regions, it awards the usual silver marks and not the intended gold marks.

It’s not exactly clear from the patch notes how this is supposed to work, but no gold marks are being awarded for anything in the ‘captured’ citadel regions.


Video definitely makes it sound like a next day win bonus.

Keep the trolling outside of bug reports


I’m joking not trolling

Didn’t notice it was a bug report sorry guys.

Right, just wasn’t 100% clear if it replaces the rotating silver mark bonus. I’m assuming it should.

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Yes can confirm there is no Gold Mark Bonus today - only purple crowns are being displayed on all three Citadels for Dark Order.
Was this a trial run since it lasted only a couple of hours?

A lot of other new update things start the day of the update or the next week’s reset if posted in the patch notes.

Since we’re seeing these alliance features already, it should have started yesterday.

Who knows. I think they forgot to turn the feature on.

It had a cash shop for event energy, some players spent quite a bit of money. This better not be declared a secret test run that doesn’t hand out rewards.


I’ve reported this to the team. Unfortunately, it may not be fixed until tomorrow Australia time.

I’ve made a known issue article in the Help Center about it which we will update when the fix is live and about what we’ll do about it not being active currently:

Sorry everyone.


ya hate to see it. people spending for citadel sigils only for the main event feature to not work the next day lol.

judging by the leaderboards, people did spend.


re-add all the bought citadel sigils spent by the players last days. What a shame

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chose the Purple Citadel, on PS4/PS5 we finished 1st in all kingdoms and the same, we received nothing. What should we have received? And, I would like to know what we risk if we change Citadel?

I admit that I understood absolutely nothing about this Update! :frowning:

I have the impression that we are being presented with a fait accompli and that we must manage on our own! Not cool at all Devs

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You will get the chance to earn extra Gold Marks in PVP on Thursday, by following the areas marked with little orange lanterns. If it shifts to one of the conquered Citadels (now with Purple Crowns on them) then in that region you will get gold marks instead of the usual silver.

I paid for 3 extra packs of Sigils, hoping to get gold marks today as it’s my day off. Tomorrow I’ll be working (overtime) again, so not much time for PvP. :worried:


Me too, I took the 3 packs

So we can say we will get more gold marks in the largest alliance farming lanterns rather than going for first in the smallest alliance going for cp leaderboard?

You won’t get gold marks from the leaderboard unless you qualify for both of these:

1.) Buy out all 3 citadel packs from the cash shop to have as many sigils as your competitors.
2.) Be low level enough to get more than 50 VP from battles.


Even in the smallest alliance? If so, going into the biggest is a no brainer.

Didn’t we learn anything from all other patches?

Don’t invest money until you know what the bugs are. :sweat_smile:


Any update on this issue? Is it expected to be fixed today?


Here is your answer NO this is not fixed.

I just had an orange lantern in Southwild, one of the regions with a purple crown, and I am in Dark Order.

I received silver marks, not gold.