[Reported] Game becomes briefly unresponsive after almost any action

Same here on Playstation. The spinning wheel of death pops up everytime I back out from some menu.

Gee, that makes it look like the new code was an intentionally-designed DDoS attack on their own servers.

It’s bad enough that each individual player has at least double the server checks, thus slowing down that individual player. But take the cumulative effect of all those extra checks across the entirety of the player base. That’s bound to be thousands, maybe even millions of checks per hour.

It’s no wonder the servers are struggling under the weight.


The game is barely playable again!


gonna be fun on the next new mythic Friday reset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try changing your medals and then go back to the map, you won’t be able to move for around 5 secs as it just gets stuck on the medals at the top of the map.

Like everyone else this is so frustrating and I have turned the game off and moving on to another game as GOW is unplayable at the moment.

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That’s exactly what it looks like. The good news is: there is no randomness involved, which regularly brings down the server’s performance. So it’s quite stable regarding the response times.
The bad news is that there is no cache hitting this, as the response should be the same twice. So I will investigate further if there is a difference within all of the requests and responses over the weekend. If there is not, then the server should answer not within 500-700 ms, but <50 (+ latency).

Cheers, Gary.


New patch name:

Seems like this should have been posted here.

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Same on xbox all through the vault event.

The staff would have done well to extend Gnome A Palooza to 18-20 minutes knowing full well of the lag with 6.1.

Instead it was just treated as a way to have their loyal, and often high spending players, accrue less resources artificially.

Following up with this, the duplicated requests result in the very same identical responses from the server. So they can just be removed without any information lost.

Cheers, Gary.


GoW Soulforge Requests


I had this;

Open GoW on iPad. See tribute, wait for coloured animation, 10 seconds, click on tribute, coloured animation goes again, 10 seconds, loading tribute screen, coloured animations, tribute loads, click to collect, coloured animation. Click to leave. Coloured animation, 5-10 seconds, click on AB, wouldn’t open, second click, coloured animation, opens. Click again, coloured animation, load left AB, coloured animation. Click on team to use to change, coloured animation x2, once in team select area, twice to scroll teams, third time as delay reset the animation… Pick team, get to battle, realise picked wrong team - Rinse repeat, do 3 battles - no ! on server but slow as treacle. Log.

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There should be some other 3-match games on Apple Store that work.
Sarcasm, sorry. But I can’t find an other way to handle this frustrating situation.
That’s how the game develops nowadays:

  1. Create new ingame currency
  2. Push out to let the customers beta-test and find bugs
  3. Eliminate some bugs, others not
  4. Tell customers that existing bugs are no bugs but “as intended”
  5. Goto 1.

Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that the Dev Team have been looking in to this and it we’ll be fixed in the next update, which we’ll be in the new year.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Well, better soon. Because these brief pauses after each small action (just faction check, for example) annoy and madden very much.

Thanks, @OminousGMan. I just wanted to be sure you were taking it seriously.

As an addendum, I hope you also take seriously the annoyance that Shrine cards on the Victory screen are causing, as I reported elsewhere. These “little” things really do make a big difference to players, but it feels really difficult to get that message across. Thanks again.


I’m wondering how much all these Amazon Web Service outages have affected this.

The outage was in US-East-1, which is the same data centre that GoW is using, so performance took a hit there (they are using elastic beanstalk for the game api). So the game was slower than it usually is.
But the increased amount of request added the same ratio, no matter how fast the servers were.

Cheers, Gary.


Hi folks,

Someone asked why this won’t be fixed until the next update so I thought I’d share the answer with everyone here as well:

Unfortunately, this fix requires the game to go through the submission process with the stores again, which is why it will be in the next update (version 6.1.5) and not a hot fix.



here is a follow-up and another observation: At the tower of doom event, after every shop tier purchase, the event data is fetched twice, leading to quite the delay, completely separate from the soulforge issue:

[2022-01-03 09:31:48,103][2446 ms] complete_purchase
[2022-01-03 09:31:52,193][3907 ms] live_event_get_info
[2022-01-03 09:31:55,722][3393 ms] live_event_get_info

note that the above yields to 9.7 seconds loading time, not counting client execution, so well over 10 seconds for a single shop tier to buy.

Cheers, Gary.