Loading all the time?

Has the game been crippled as of 6.1? Not all the things adding to my growing dissatisfaction with the game in general - I mean besides that.

I mean this:

This is not a new thing. But now its just here all the goddamn time. I go to check my mail, come back and it has to wait. I check the AB tasks, I don’t even do anything before going back to the map and it has to wait.

I cannot do anything with the game while it is like this. Even if it doesn’t last long, it adds up quick. I was only in the game for about 10mins before I felt a need to make this post. I am used to “better”. I keep going through the motions and clicking on things like normal and they’re not doing anything because the game hasn’t added two and two together yet.

Even AB tasks themselves have a spinner now. Do one task, come back to do the next one and it’s waiting. For what, I don’t know, because it had the screen just fine 10 seconds ago.

Is it just me or are there more breaks now? Its not a “server experiencing degraded performance” thing, otherwise we’d have an indicator for that. Had that plenty of times and I never noticed except for the indicator. So why is the game behaving like this now?

And, ah yes, can it not?


I just finished a more technical bug report post on this very issue.

But I fully agree with your more emotional response.

This is both an example of breaking a golden rule of GUI design, and a superb illustration of how seemingly tiny things that don’t get fixed (often, ever) add up to push players away from the game – permanently.


Noticed it immediately too. It seems that the game is communicating with the server MUCH more often now. A simple test to prove this is:

  • Be on the world map
  • Disconnect from internet
  • Press any kingdom
  • Close the kingdom popup
  • Error about no internet connection appears

Maybe it’s some additional logging to have more enhanced logs to fix bugs or track player behaviour (detect botters and/or do analytics to improve $$$)?

It would be great to help with the bug fixes, although it’s very annoying indeed and since we’re already having slow servers a lot, I don’t think it’s a great idea to do even more calls now.

Suggestion (if this is a logging thing): collect the data locally and send it in batches instead.


As long as this fixes the pet events not showing up until after you play a game I’m ok with it. Might just be my internet but it’s not noticeable to me (right now anyway)

Thanks for mentioning this, saw it also after update…first thought was I begin to hallucinate, now I know I’m fine…game isn’t :slight_smile:


It will probably indeed fix this (hopefully). I noticed that opening the Games section, also makes a (much shorter) request and most likely for that reason. That’s a good improvement though. They just overkilled it a little by making almost every action doing a request.

I can confirm that it does NOT tell you when there is a pet active without playing a game or relaunching the game.

Another smart development move that puts useless strain on the servers.

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I had mentioned it in the beta tests too. But the thing is, there are several other players who are not getting that issue and I’m assuming the devs aren’t able to replicate it too. That’s the only reason I see why they hadn’t acknowledged that bug report yet.

I saw that only on World Map in beta. But now I see it before every battle in Explore.

I have always had this issue to be honest, but just thought it was a normal thing. I will say it has gotten exponentially worse for me since the update. I don’t have a photo right now, but the spinning gems have actually doubled visually. As in instead of just the normal colored gems they have another gem almost superimposed on it

Hey we acknoweldged and reported this bug to the team the other day from the bug report Starlite made here:

The team have found the problem and are working on the fix now.

I don’t have information on when the fix will be available to go live yet, when we have more information we’ll let you know in the bug report thread.


Thank you for the update. An issue like this is the kind that legitimately would make people lean more towards leaving the game (regardless of other factors). Clearly that’s less than ideal to have.


Thanks @Kafka … I didn’t read that forum post.

Thank you for the response!

Glad to hear a fix is in the works. I’ve been seeing this a lot on PS4 for the last few days too.

Looking forward to the fix. Was @gary_dils right about the reasons…If so…Ooof on the Dev team.