[reported] Duplicate handling for Witch Armor in Holiday event

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Witch Armor in the Holiday event is a repeat one, it was already available last year. I was expecting the game to clearly indicate that I already own Witch Armor, not offer it again for purchase. I don’t know what happens when attempting to buy it with enough currency on hand, even if it just tells me at that point that I already own it I’ll have wasted resources on buying event sigils.


Yeah I thought it might be this one? But could be second bug this week. With first being compensation.


Yeah, that one looks rather fitting for the theme. :thinking:

I also really hoped for a new armor set.

We still have to deal with the same tired old faces for our heroes so every new outfit is more than welcome. :joy:

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That’s a very good point, maybe the event was actually supposed to offer this armor and they put in the wrong one? That would also explain why there isn’t any kind of warning for players who already own Witch Armor. :thinking:


I can assume that due to numerous bugs in the last update, which had to be urgently corrected, the developers simply did not have time to complete the new armor. That’s why they only offer us last year’s armor instead of new ones.

I hope they just forgot to add the new one, I really like the images posted here! :smiley:


There is several news ones in the Taranworld graphic files. But it’s possible they just forgot to put it in as well. Who knows currently?!?!?

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Isn’t that just the $19.99 Bestial Armor?


Actually seems to be. Isn’t that some platform exclusive?


If it’s not purchasable, I guess so?

I’m on Xbox if that helps anything.

Yeah, That pic is from somewhere in the forum that the thing was bugged.
I think that armor is from PS. But not sure since I’m pc/mob player.

Well look at that. It’s been found. There is still other armors unless they they are all on other platforms or ones not currently in use. If they did have a new one in mind I’m not sure which one it would be then. :thinking: :cookie:


The skin is the intended skin but it appears the text wasn’t updated from last time. I’ve let the team know!

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It’s not just the text. Shouldn’t the shop start out with the armor purchased in case you already bought it the last time? You can’t really own it twice.


Makes holiday events less appealing if you’re now just repeating old armors. :sweat_smile:


Wait… what? The text is fine, isn’t it? The button should be greyed out if you already own it or something, and it’d be way better if it was a new armour set, but I didn’t think there was an issue with the text.

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Is this where we find out we need to buy the armour we already own to remove it and the new armour will take it’s place? Just an extra 500 purple marks, lol.

God, I shouldn’t give them ideas. Shakes head.

There isn’t a new Halloween armor, the text had carried over from the previous Halloween event when these were new.

And yes, it should not be appearing as purchasable if you bought it last event - this was passed on at the same time as the incorrect text.


How about a text “please note that some players may already have them” similar to other event collectibles?

I may actually get it now, since last year I was focused on getting the power orb for the achievement.

I’m rather glad there isn’t another new armor. One less thing I have to spend gems on…