[reported] Duplicate handling for Witch Armor in Holiday event

Does anyone know the the gem spend strategy to buy 1x legendary offer, full normal pet, 1x gold pet, and 1x power orb?

1 pack/ day


On the other hand, less FOMO would be a good thing, right?

We have a fashion competition in our alliance once a month on good fun. So new armor that I can get with ingame currency is always welcome.

It’s not that the others from holiday events have been locked behind purchases with real money.

Yeah, I have to spend fewer gems. That’s good. But getting the same armor for how many more events is boring. :sweat_smile:

They could put those in the normal shop after some time and give us fresh ones. Then people who missed it can get it and everyone else can have something new.


I go into such intentionally bad designed “play every day” events with a realistic pre-plan on what I’d like to get out of it as rewards. Goal obviously then is minimal gem investment and minimal play - or close to both - always.

Currently with this duplicate armor those goals all get “easier”. Not playing at some days is now also possible, no stress.
Can’t be working as intended, but hey.


Working as intended seems to be let’s drive away seasoned invested players and entice newer players with more bugs and bling!

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To be fair:
no player should be treated different, better or worse, depending on how they flood their wallet into the game.
Otherwise we could just implement a “ultra vip season pass” that gives you some privileges of faster and/or better, or lets say “any” … “support ticket” -support.
99,99$ / year, or 9,99$ / month.

To stay on topic:
it is a pity that we didn’t get a new collectible armor just for the fun of it.