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[REPORTED] Campaign Not Giving Mythic Pet - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Those that bought the campaign pass should have the pet Kurandarito at mythic but it shows that we are short to ascend.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

From what I understand the PC version of the campaign got the pet at mythic as seen in this picture

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To ask the brainfart question: did you/whoever took the Switch screenshot finish the campaign? Just buying the pass doesn’t ensure rewards.

Now that that’s out of the way, wondering if anyone else on Switch is experiencing the same issue and can chime in one way or another.


This was brought up by a few Switch people so not just me.

Yes, this is the last week and all rewards have been collected.

I know nothing is guaranteed but it is a little sad if Switch players don’t get enough copies of the pet for Mythic whereas the PC version did. Waiting for the devs to chime in.

Just for the extra step, could you post screenshots of each of the pet rewards in the campaign. That’ll help in showing definitive proof that it’s missing copies.

For reference of what the original gave -

Here’s the Switch breakout


Only 27 pets total, not the 31 needed to mythic the pet. The 250 star reward should have been 5 pets like it was on Xbox and other platforms, not 1. Hopefully the Devs will do the right thing and fix this issue so that it doesn’t happen again, and all Switch players who bought the Elite pass and completed the Campaign will get the other 4 pet copies as compensation.


I know this says Reported but the campaign is ending this week, any confirmation or update from the devs would be appreciated @Kafka :slight_smile:

Hey, Support Jeto here!

We are currently investigating the best way to get out those missing pets to those affected.
This should not be affected by the Campaign ending this week, as you can continue to play and we will get those Pets out as soon as we can.

Jeto - Support Team Member :woman_mage:t2:


@EmTheGem so I can pass on your account data to the development team, are you also EmTheGem on your Switch account?

Yes, there are several others in my guild too missing the pet so let me know if you need their names too. Thank you!

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