[Reported] -123.000.000 (minus 123 million) points in GW, see screen

Our guild score in bracket 11, on PC/mobile

This needs a fix before sunday


That happens when someone tries to bot their score :man_shrugging:


agree with @Magnusimus on this one … same thing reported back in July and Kafka responded in regards to that incident: [Reported] Negative Guild Wars Score Issue - #9 by Kafka

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Seriously… ? The guy with the negative score is in our guild since 3 months, and a casual player. Looking at level, trophies, PvP stats, etc… all his public visible stats are FAR below my own, this doesn’t make a lot of sense.

And the player also doesn’t seem to be banned… I haven’t seen him online yet, but I still see him in the guild rooster.

Perhaps the player just made the silly mistake of taking matters into their own hands and trying to hack in the missing 2k points, and as such didn’t mean any harm. Wouldn’t be the smartest move, but well…

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They don’t have an automated way to detect this yet. When it happens and you report it (as you’ve done), they look into it and will ban the player if they feel they tried to hack the system, as they are doing in another case:


Since this is the second guild to report this this week, and with the “defence points not being added to GW score” bug, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was nothing nefarious behind this score but just another bug :frowning:


I agree with @mitamata this game is just buggy.

There was a thread a bit ago where someone claimed people were cheating on events. In that thread the devs said they have ways to see and stop it.

That system can’t see a discrepancy in scoring like this? :rofl:

Seems like the same system in place for QA and testing… Both work similarly well.


Linking my post about this here (Guild Wars got me busy today so linking helps me save time here to put my time in working on Guild Wars issues)


So our guild score is now positive again, but our guild member still has -123 mio personal points. And we still don’t know what’s going on…

Judging the last 3 month of this game and of my guild friend, it is the game that behaved erratic and not my guild mate. Unless otherwise noted by a clear statement of IP2, I don’t buy that cheat tool accusation.

If the player got caught cheating they’d be banned, right? So it seems like no dev went so far as to make that determination, which would suggest something is wrong with the game, not the player :man_shrugging:

The devs (Nor Kafka) would ever claim a player is cheating without being 100% certain.
Getting a negative score in GW won’t result in an automatic ban. The dev still has to review the player.
And given how many players can/may be cheating on PC. That can take a while to manually review each one.

So if the player if the player is still active on Monday. (A ban won’t remove them automatically from the guild.)
Then the player can be given the benefit of doubt. But for now…unless you yourself are the player who knows they didn’t cheat. Then no one but the devs and that player can be certain if they cheat or not.

There’s been numerous occasions where players cheated for years before getting caught. In fact the first player to ever reach level 2000 was banned for cheating. (I think)

And I’m pretty sure, even now with all the “super activity” it still takes years to reach level 2000.

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I just assumed the guild points being manually reconfigured meant the player in question was also reviewed (and presumably cleared).

Does a ban not delete the account?

Nope. Just prevents the player from playing/logging in.

That really sucks for GMs and honest players in general.

The banhammer should be a true banhammer. Devs could always restore an account if an appeal was won.