[Investigating] Minus 146 million guild war points

Somewhere in the last 6 hours, our guild dropped into heavy negative numbers. Also 4 hours ago, a relatively new member, who I don’t know much about, left us again. Noone else in the guild has scored less than 0 points.
As it was mentioned in this thread -123.000.000 (minus 123 million) points in GW, see screen - #10 by Kafka that points deduction is a possible punishment for attempted cheating, I think, it is possible that there is a connection between both.
Or it is a bug.

Do you think, you can readjust our guild score and just keep the player punished (I can give you the player name and level, if needed)?

Guild: Zygrait
bracket 32
PC version

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I will ban the cheating player and make a record of it so the Devs can correct the score on Monday.

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Don’t waste precious time on cheating players now and fix the GW please. Ban those cheaters later. We need to do our GW.

I can’t fix bugs, I’m not a programmer.

What I can do is ban the cheating players so they don’t do more damage.


yes, but you lost time on this, a bunch of players are waiting a full answer about GW problem ! Not a simple ‘investigating’

I have no further information about it, when I do I will post about it.
I can speak and investigate other issues at the same time, but I can’t give further information when I don’t have any yet.


Day 4 and not a little hint about the problem, what a pity. Freeze the brackets or cancel GW (with compensations).
Or remove the DEF points for all guilds and we can play. Then you’ll have time to investigate properly

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That would be timezone Eastern Australia, am I right? So, hopefully still before the week is counted as over?

That’s how I read it. Yes.

Which is really cool of the devs do for all the Guilds effected. Because they didn’t do it when it first happened months ago.

The table of daily fights has us back to regular points again already, but the ranking table (which is arguably more important) is still deep in minus. Would have thought, those are more or less linked (with a few minutes delay on the latter).

No ranking score correction yet. I am getting a bit nervous. Will it be enough, if it is adjusted before the next guild war starts to prevent a massive ranking drop?