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One space open.


We were briefly full but have one opening again. Please see above for details.


Still one space open. For now, please PM me only if you are interested in joining as our Guild Leader may be offline for a few days.


Still looking for one.


BUMP. We’re still recruiting.


Bumping again.


Still looking for one.


Still recruiting.


Bumping again


Crimson Sky is recruiting two active players. We are a nice combination of casual but active, with modest minimums and excellent rewards. All you need to contribute weekly is 200,000 gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies, but since many of us contribute much more, we typically complete 4 or more guild statues and all of our Guild Guardians are over level 100, making for some nice passive bonuses. Guild Wars is completely optional, but appreciated if you can participate. We typically hover around bracket 3, but sometimes bounce up or down between bracket 2 and 4. We are very flexible if you need a week or two off for family/health/work issues.

Please pm either me or @WishKiller with your hero level, activity level and invite code if you are interested.


Still recruiting!


Still looking for players!


Message sent


Still recruiting. Please direct all enquiries to @Wishkiller directly.